June 3/20/11

20 Mar, 2011

I’d been fighting off getting sick but figured a day off and a good night’s sleep was enough for a powder day today.  It definitely made me feel good enough to commit to today at June.  The snow has been dumping nonstop in Mammoth and June, delivering more feet of snow.  By today it was up to four feet at June, perfect for early bird turns.  I headed to pick up Sarah in town for the month and we ended up with a full truck of Aussies.

Despite avy control and weather delays, June was ideal for the day with no lines and fresh powder.  The steep terrain and trees on the face was exactly what we wanted and the powder was deep!  I love Mammoth but definitely enjoy the quietness and solitude of June.

Upon arriving at June the deepness of the snow was apparent in the shoveled path to the lift

The aussie boys charging below J1 lift

Today I grabbed up the 2012 NS Lotus to see the powder turns on it and the 2012 Rome Madisons for my binding.

Jenna dropping the rock underneath the lift.  Jenna and Sarah both hit the rock drop.

During our midday stop into the lodge to dry off and unfog the goggles, I noticed the awesome Signal Coffee on hand!  How rad is that!?!

Me all smiles after powder turns but also soaking wet

Looking to the left of J1 lift, the terrain was closed due to avy danger.  You could cut over after the rope ended and get to some good powder that way but it was definitely not smart to duck ropes.  Here’s a look at the untouched powder above the traverse line.

Sarah getting in some powder fun

During one of our last rides down the gully, I snapped this video of Sarah coming down and getting in some powder.

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  1. Keither
    March 23, 2011

    The snow looks like it’s glowing!

    oh nevermind that’s just xenon-133 radiation from Japan and according to the government, us snow enthusiasts who like to play in the stuff have nothing to worry about.

    Just sayin’.