June 3/27/11

27 Mar, 2011

After the last couple days of powder with high winds I was ready for a mellow day like today and crossing the fingers for no winds.  We ended up heading up to Mammoth Main Lodge and after driving by chair #2 and seeing a monstrosity for a line, we grabbed our gear and headed to June Mountain for the day.

June was sunny, no lines and some winds.  I figured the snow would be good at June but I was wrong, it was heavy bumped out suntouched snow that was nothing like the powder I was expecting.  But the laps were quick and the skier got to check out June finally.

Thanks to Trotter, we stopped by the Main Lodge Demo Shop to get some Lib Tech NAS powder skis so the skier could try them out and get off his park skis for the conditions.

Playing in some of the leftover snow we could find, even in the trees it was a bit too heavy and sticky.

Rode for a couple hours and headed back home to Mammoth.  Hoping the top opens and backside opens soon so we can get some more untouched powder!

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