Mammoth 3/12/11

12 Mar, 2011

This has been the first Art Park at Mammoth Mountain, but it has exceeded my expectations as to what a park can be.  It’s innovative, creative and challenging but also educational on the I AM SNOWBOARDING /JLA – Jeffy Anderson collaboration.  I’ve seen beginning to advanced riders and skiers go through art park enjoying the features so far this season.

Today the skier and I made a couple South Park laps. I finally hit the small jump line and a flat box feature at the bottom of the park before we headed into Art Park after warming up.  It works out that the skier hits the big features and I get to ride the smaller features each lap we take through the Art Park.

The skier on the massive flat down rail

Upon entering the art park, you have two choices of 30 f00t flat rails and the skier went for the right side option

After a couple laps we ran into Jade and Grant on chair #4 and ended up lapping Art Park for a run with them.

Jade on the giant flat box (she looks like a kid compared to it)

Grant on the flat to down box in the Art Park

The skier back on the flat down rail from the other side.  I love that the rails have artwork on both sides, it makes the same rail look totally different.

Jade in South Park hitting up the jump line with a method

Definitely the perfect Art Park day for lapping and staying away from the crowds and in the trees from the winds.  So happy tomorrow is going to be another fun day on the slopes with the skier.

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  1. Jason Budden
    March 12, 2011

    Why do you call him “The skiier”?

  2. March 13, 2011

    haha just what I’ve called him for a while and he likes to remain anonymous so I just call him the skier on here.