Mammoth 3/24/11

24 Mar, 2011

The amount of snowfall in Mammoth this winter has been insanely good.  Town is buried in snowbanks, 4wd has been a necessity and powder days are a plenty!  Today was no exception, 32-50 inches in the past 24 hours on top of all the recent feet of snow we got.

I borrowed the Jones Hovercraft for the day, finally getting the chance to ride it in some deep powder.  I’ve said it before but when I get to ride boards in the worst conditions they aren’t meant for and they perform good, you know in the best conditions they’ll perform even better.  The hovercraft was exactly that, handled on the hardpacked Winter Park day and was charging in the deep powder at Mammoth.

Myself on the Hovercraft

Getting deep with the hovercraft

I headed out with Ashley for powder turns, we ended up taking two cameras.  Gopro mounted to a pole and chest mount with a flip cam to get some footy.  I’ll be able to include footy in the hovercraft review when I update it!

Ashley riding with the gopro on the stick in powder

Ashley ended up riding my 2012 NS Lotus 157cm, big for her but perfect for a deep powder day and it charged for her!

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  1. Deaf lauren
    March 27, 2011

    G’damn Shannon, look at all that snow! You’re killing it!