Mammoth 3/26/11

26 Mar, 2011

Snowstorms can be great but it’s easy to forget how powerful they can become.  Saturday was the prime example of a snowstorm getting worse throughout the day.  By the time I made it to the mountain, I knew that Roxy Chicken Jam was cancelled due to weather but I figured that I’d still take a couple laps instead of curling up inside all day.

I had wanted to meet up with friends in town for RCJ, so I hit up the mountain with Nicole from the Denver Mervin/Quik office, Nikki and her husband Seth and Trotter for a couple laps.  It really ended up being a couple laps with the high winds, low visibility and lifts shutting down.

Here’s Nicole getting in some powder in the trees

Absolutely high winds and sketchy visibility

Seth carving up the mountain

Seth and Trotter as we made our way to chair 9 lift line.  I ended up getting stuck soon after and had to dig myself out but managed just fine.

Soon after, I opted to head back to Main Lodge.  At chair #4, I got caught when the lifts shut down and ended up catching a shuttle from the road back to the Main Lodge.  It required some effort but was happy to be heading home for the day with the conditions being as tough as they were.  The riding was good, the people were good but the winds were blah.

Luckily for me, Saturday was the night I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.  I headed to a Quiksilver dinner at Hyde to start out the night and then made my way with friends up to Canyon Lodge for the free Trouble Andrew and La Roux Concert.  In the past I’ve never been stoked on the concerts in resort towns but that changed Saturday night when La Roux came to town.  I love her album, listen to the whole thing and got to sing along (yeah I know, super geek fan).  It was amazing!

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