Snowboard Review: 11-12 Roxy Envi C2 BTX

08 Mar, 2011

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked to icy groomers.

Setup: I rode the Roxy Envi C2 BTX with Roxy Rock-it power bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 156cm.

First Impression: Feels good to ride a women’s board that looks good but rides more badass than it looks.

Weight: Average

Flex: The envi is a more aggressive women’s board when it comes to flex and handling.  Stiffer longitudinally with a tad softer nose and softer torsional flex but still overall stiffer ride for women.  It’s one of the few women’s boards that is comparable to men’s boards of the same caliber and just as aggressive for charging and handling.  The Envi has C2 BTX which is banana rocker between the bindings and camber from the inserts to the contact points.  The reverse camber helps give it extra float in the powder and playfulness but still camber for stability on the mountain.

Turning: Quick response from edge to edge on the envi, it really turns on a dime but also handles a mix of carving turns whether you want slow or drawn out riding.  Just for the board flex and handling, the longer turns are stable and my favorite because you can really carve into each turn and hold the full S turn down the mountain.  C2 BTX has MTX in it which means good edgehold on the icy hardpacked spots but I never felt it be overly aggressive on me with the envi.  I ended up taking the board down a small section of moguls and the quickness edge to edge was fun to take down the run.

Stable: The envi has stability on lockdown, the camber in the C2 BTX and stiffer flex let it cut through the choppy conditions and good edgehold with the MTX on the icy conditions.  At higher speeds, you don’t feel chatter and there is good dampening in the board to absorb the ride down the mountain better.

Pop: Didn’t play much with pop on the envi while I demo’d it.  Maybe a smaller roller where the board was comfortable but nothing to really test it on.

Switch: The roxy envi has a twin shape but is directional twin so you adjust to the setback on the board.

Overall Impression: The envi is the aggressive women’s snowboard from Roxy and handles the mountain for girls looking to outride the boys.  It’s quick to turn, handles stability and is a women’s freeride dream.

Shay’s Honesty Box: Riding the envi was perfect at Winter Park.  I took the board out with two amazing female shredders (Kyre from Roxy and Lora from Quik PR) and we just charged the mountain on our Roxy boards.  The envi held it’s own for each turn and rides way more badass than it looks.  It’s that board I’d ride all the time because of how well it handles, carves and charges.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for the Roxy Envi or shop their full line of Roxy snowboards


On Snow Photo

Roxy Envi description

Review Disclosure: I rode this board at the SIA on-snow.  Please be aware boards may change, this review was done in February 2011.

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  1. Madeleine
    March 08, 2011

    Thanks for the review. How would you compare it to the Lotus?

  2. March 08, 2011

    Sounds a lot like my B-Pro C2BTX!–which has made for an incredible season. I don’t want it to end! Heart Mervin.

  3. Jules
    July 22, 2011


    You think the envi will be enough edgehold for the icy northeast? Or go with regular camber?

    What do you think about the envi vs the eminence?


  4. mervinsnow
    July 23, 2011

    I know Men Mervin snowboard… and because of Magnetraction, both of Envi or Eminence must be really good board for northeast icy spots… For you it will be just a flex preference here but both have good Edges Old in my opinion.

  5. July 23, 2011

    Jules, Envi is a bit more aggressive than the eminence but both boards rock. Eminence is more all mountain freestyle while the envi is more freeride. Both have MTX which is awesome edgehold for the east conditions.

  6. Liz
    September 15, 2011

    Hi Shay. I have a 147 cm Rossignol Amber snowboard at the moment and have had it for a couple of years. I would say that I am an intermediate/advanced rider (able to ride black/double blacks/trees). I find that my board right now is a bit short for powder and was looking for maybe a 149 as my next board. Does it make a difference with the reverse camber (is the smaller size, 147, okay)? I was also looking at the NS Lotus or Burton Feelgood

  7. September 16, 2011

    Liz, What’s your weight and height? Where do you ride? A reverse camber will definitely help you in powder with floating better but need to know more about your weight to know sizes. Going from a 147-149 isn’t much difference but i’ll improve stability and float.

  8. Liz
    September 16, 2011

    Hi Shay. I’m 5’3 and about 115 lbs. I can ride black/double black in the resorts in Western Canada (Banff, Revelstoke BC). I dont’ do a lot of park riding (just some boxes and small jumps) and focus mainly on bowls, some tree runs.

  9. September 16, 2011

    Liz, You could definitely go with a 149 or even up to a 151 for your riding terrain and style. I think the envi would really suit your riding style, NS Lotus would be another good choice. Feelgood won’t be enough of a board for you.

  10. Liz
    September 16, 2011

    Okay thanks Shay! I got to try a Burton Deja Vu in a 151 at Kicking Horse in Golden, BC and it definitely was a lot more stable and floated better than my 147 board. However, I found it a bit hard to turn in the tree areas. The only thing that sucks is they don’t really demo the Never Summer over in Canada very often. I’d love to ride a board first before buying it but your reviews have really helped me narrow down a board! Thanks again for your help!

  11. September 17, 2011

    Liz, Awesome you felt it more stable and better float on the powder. Definitely hear you on the demos, the only place I know of NS demos in Canada is the Telus Festival in April and that’s a long time to wait. I think between the envi/lotus you have two stellar choices and both can handle the pow/trees.

  12. Chris
    October 25, 2011

    Hey Shay, What size of this board would recommend for a rider 5’4″ and about 120lbs. Riding all over the mountain except for park. Not too many trees, but dip in there every once in a while.



  13. October 25, 2011

    Chris, That’s a tough one for size. You have either the 147 or 153 to choose from. How long has the rider been riding, ability level and what size have they ridden in the past?

  14. Chris
    October 25, 2011

    I am also torn between this board or the Ally BTX, so any advice would be welcome.

    Also, which bindings would you recommend?

    Thanks again!


  15. Chris
    October 26, 2011

    She has been on a 152 TechNine nines board and have been ridding for 7-10 years. She’s comfortable on blacks, bowls, wider tree runs. I say her ability level is intermediate but moving towards advanced.

  16. Chris
    October 26, 2011

    Also, we ride in the Colorado mountains if that makes any other difference.

  17. hanzosteel
    November 03, 2011

    bought a roxy eminence for the wife and was not impressed that the steel edge does not wrap around fully leaving the tip and tail areas bare. from my experience these are the areas that see the most wear and tear. fully expecting delam and/or edge blowout. be warned.

  18. November 03, 2011

    Chris, I haven’t ridden the ally yet to compare but it’s more freestyle focus, less aggressive than the envi snowboard. From what you said, I think the envi would be the better board for her and allow her to progress her riding to advanced. For bindings, what bindings was she using before and what’s her boot size?

    Hanzo, wait till she rides it and see how it holds up over time.

  19. Crystal
    November 08, 2011

    Hi Shay,

    Love your reviews! How would you compare the Envi with the Lotus?
    I’m trying to figure out which one suits my riding style better. I mostly do groomers and love the thrill of charing down and maneuvering through difficult runs. I don’t really do parks, only playing around with them towards the end of the day.
    I currently own (and love) the Push and am looking into comparable boards, but with the different camber.

  20. November 08, 2011

    Crystal, Very comparable boards at the freeriding end of the spectrum! I’ve ridden both and think very highly of both boards. It’ll definitely be similar to the push but with a different camber option on both of them.

  21. Steve
    November 15, 2011

    Thanks for your review. I am thinking about getting the Envi or Lotus for my daughter as she is starting to ride more extreme terrain and needs a board that can keep up. What is your opinion of a Flow type binding as compared to a traditional 2 strap binding in regaurds to performance?

  22. November 16, 2011

    Steve, definitely either board would be suitable for your daughter. There are definitely more aggressive flow bindings that do compare to 2 strap bindings and it’s just preference on quickness. Check out the prima for her bindings if you want to get her Flows.

  23. Munesh
    December 14, 2011

    Hey, whats up? I am thinking of buying the Envi for my wife. Can’t decide between the 153 or the 157? She is 5’7″, 135 lbs, boot size 23.5 cm. She has been riding a 156 supermodel. I was thinking of getting her the 157 because I hear the boards run a little small??


  24. December 14, 2011

    Munesh, Awesome board for your wife! It’ll definitely be a good replacement for her supermodel. I’d say the 157 since she’s already used to riding the 156cm size and it’s the most similar, plus sounds like she can rip.

  25. Munesh
    December 15, 2011

    Cool, Thank You very much. Happy Holidays.

  26. Lynn
    December 27, 2011

    I just picked up the eminence today, while in store, I asked why the nose n tail edges were not fully metal. The answer didn’t satisfy me… “If the metal was fully wrapped u’d feel impact throughout thE board if 1 part hits. It’d travel all the way around” What’s ur insight on this? From what I’ve researched, I really like the board. However, if this going to be an issue, I would consider another board.. I’m itching to test drive it…!

  27. December 27, 2011

    Lynn, that is an issue that has been brought up about Mervin quality. Most boards are fully wrapped edges to protect the entire board in my opinion. You can definitely impact their boards and it could cause delaminating if the impact is enough. But it also takes impact to have that happen and I’ve ridden plenty of Mervin boards without ever hitting that point to do the damage. Are you sure you don’t have a lib tech demo at one of your local shops or mountains? Where do you live?

  28. Lynn
    December 28, 2011


    I was thinking the same thing, but for the price of the board, I’d like to be able to get a couple seasons on it without having to worry about major damage or “splitting”
    I know there is the standard 1yr manufacturer warranty, do you know if that would cover that kind of damage?

    Also, I’m from Vancouver, BC.

  29. adriana
    January 10, 2012

    i have a roxy eminence BTX LE and i rode it last season at least 2-3 times a week. i am still riding this board and i really enjoy it and feel it’s a solid all mountain board. i haven’t had any issues due to the wrapped edges concerning major damage or “splitting”. love your reviews hope this helps people out.

  30. michelle
    January 15, 2012

    I’m interested in buying the Envi. I’v been riding a 152 for the past 4 years and have defiantly outgrown it. I’m 5’8″ 125lbs intermediate rider.

    I’m debating between the 153 and the 156.
    What would you suggest?


  31. January 15, 2012

    That’s a good question for Mervin. I’d get in touch with them and ask them if it’s covered until warranty.

    Adriana, Awesome for your input on the board!

    Michelle, Sweet on upgrading to a new board! What board was your 152 that you’ve been riding? The 153cm suits your weight but if you feel up to the 156, you could go for that more aggressive/stable rider.

  32. michelle
    January 15, 2012

    My board was the Rossignol Sublime. For the last 2 years I’ve felt like its way too soft and doesn’t cut through the chop or hold on ice like i would like it to. I would like a board that will offer a new challenge and that I can progress with.


  33. January 15, 2012

    Michelle, the envi will be a much more aggressive ride than that board. I’d stick with the 153cm size versus sizing up, the board will be enough for you at that size.

  34. Lynn
    January 18, 2012

    Thanks for ur time shay. I rode the poop outta the board in the last few weeks. I’m enjoying it lots n I don’t think the edges are going to be a big issue. Took it to the park n the landing feels pretty solid, well compared to my old board.

  35. January 19, 2012

    Lynn, that’s awesome to hear!

  36. Michelle
    January 22, 2012

    Thanks you so much for your help.


  37. Kristi
    February 21, 2012

    I’m looking to get a new board. I’m an intermediate rider, usually ride groomers, love hitting the powder, have been getting more into the trees lately and like to hit some of the natural jumps and lips but not much of a park rider. I have been looking at the Roxy Eminence and Roxy Envi, what one do you think would be more suitable for me? Or do you think there is another board that would be better? Also, I’ve been riding a Volkl board that’s a 148. I’m 5’5″ and about 125 lbs, what size do you think I should go with? Love your reviews! Thanks so much!

  38. February 21, 2012

    Michelle, anytime!

    Kristi, glad to help out! If you aren’t much of a park rider, then you’ll want the envi. It’s a bit more stiffer, quicker and charging than the eminence which is more playful. I think it’s definitely a good option for you and the conditions you are riding. You could size up to a 151-152cm if you feel like you want something more stable, charging or keep with your same size depends on your preferences.

  39. Kristi
    February 22, 2012

    Thank you so much Shay! So I’m going to go with the Envi, but it seems that the sizes are either 147 or 153, what one would you prefer for me? Do you think the 153 would be too big for me? Thanks again, can’t wait to hit the mountain with my new board!

  40. February 23, 2012

    Kristi, haha dang it! That’s a tough one. The 147cm would be closest to your current size and something you are already used to but the 153 would be a bit more suitable for your weight, riding style. I’d see which size has the better deal, sorry you are in the middle of them.

  41. Natasha
    March 10, 2012

    Hi Shay,

    I just got this board yesterday. I live in the Northeast, and have been riding for two seasons, but still consider myself a beginner. I stick to groomers and I’m not really into park riding. Right now I have Rome Madison bindings (for my Arbor Eden), which I will use for the rest of the season. But would you recommend different bindings for the Envi? Also do you think this board is too stiff for a beginner? (I guess I’m feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse.)

  42. Colleen
    March 28, 2012

    Hi there,

    I am so glad you have this discussion going. I am in a similar position as a lot of the other gals on this thread. I am now riding a 150 Burton Feelgood ES from way back. I love how stiff the board is. I am a pertty good rider (mostly black and double black, love the trees and off piste, not much of a groomer lover). I am 5’2″ about 110 lb. I can’t decide if the 147 is too short for me, or the 153 is too much of a board for me. FYI, I also ride a Mahalo 149 in deep powder.


  43. April 05, 2012


    I’m an intermediate/advanced rider and have been riding a K2 Luna, 157 for 10 years now. I’m way past due for a new board. I mostly ride groomed, pow, bumps, no park, in CO. I’m looking at the Roxi Envi, Arbor Push or NS Lotus (would love to support this CO company!). I’m 5’7″ 128 lbs. Looking to get a board to push my skills.

  44. April 06, 2012

    Natasha, it’s definitely a board that will last you a while in the long run but it won’t be as easy as other boards to progress on. But you can try it and start the adjustment to learning how to ride it. It might be easier than expected. For bindings, I’d suggest using your current bindings on the envi until you get used to the board. Then you aren’t changing two things at the same time.

    Colleen, 153 is definitely on the larger size and 147 on the smaller size but more suitable to your weight but since you already ride a 150 sticking near that size is a good idea. Any other boards you are interested in?

    Katfish, definitely an upgrade sounds like a good thing. All of those boards are great choices, the Envi and Lotus are a mix of reverse camber and the Push is traditional camber so definitely depends on what style you are looking for. Colorado has a lot of demo days as well if you want to demo the boards.