Win Mt Baldy Lift Tickets Giveaway Winner!

06 Mar, 2011

Thanks to the crew at, they offered up lift tickets for me to giveaway to Mt Baldy Ski Resort earlier this week and this is the first of two giveaways (which means if you didn’t win, stay tuned for your second chance to win).  Mt Baldy is closest to So-Cal with natural terrain and a mellow vibe without driving too far to get it.

In order to win the tickets, all you had to do was leave a comment with the miles from your house to Mt Baldy and everyone (regardless on mileage) would be entered to win.  I used the random generator to draw out a name and now I have a winner for the first Mt Baldy Lift Ticket Giveaway!

Congratulations to Greg who lives 130 miles from Mt Baldy

Also in case you want discounted tickets to Mt Baldy, Mt High or June Mountain (coming soon to the site), you can go to and use the promo code (Shay) to get a hookup on tickets!

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  1. Elizabeth Fu
    March 06, 2011
    41.1 miles

  2. March 06, 2011

    Hey Elizabeth, the contest ended on Saturday and this post was announcing the winner. Stay tuned for the next Mt Baldy Lift Ticket Giveaway