Win Mt Baldy Lift Tickets (Part II)!

08 Mar, 2011

Last week I did the first giveaway for lift tickets to Mt Baldy and now it’s onto the second and final giveaway for two lift tickets to Mt Baldy.  With a motto of southern California’s best kept secret and a quick distance drive from there, it’s worth checking out whether you’ve been a ton or have yet to go.  To win these lift tickets, just leave a comment with your favorite run at Mt Baldy by Thursday night and you could ride Mt Baldy for free.  Thanks to the fine crew at skiforfree for making this giveaway happen (and the last one).

Steps to win the second round of Mt Baldy Lift Tickets:

1.  It’s easy, check out the Mt Baldy Trail Map and pick your favorite run (if you haven’t done to Baldy yet, it’s ok, just pick what you think would be it).

2.  Leave a comment with your favorite run at Mt Baldy and make sure to use your correct email address.

3.  Everyone who enters a comment will be entered to win the lift tickets and the winner will be drawn at random.  Please only one entry per person.

4.  The contest will go till Thursday, March 10th at midnight and a winner will be announced on Friday, March 11th.

5.  The winner will win two Mt Baldy lift tickets mailed to you with stickers.  You’ll have to reserve one day in advance.  The tickets are valid through the 2010-2011 season and expire on March 31, 2011.

Also in case you want discounted tickets to Mt Baldy, Mt High or June Mountain (coming soon to the site), you can go to and use the promo code (Shay) to get a hookup on tickets!

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  1. Jeff H.
    March 08, 2011

    fire road

  2. Toni
    March 08, 2011

    Rollercoaster is my favorite run! Hope to win some tickets

  3. Mike
    March 08, 2011

    South bowl chutes on a deep day!

  4. David Nguyen
    March 08, 2011

    Toilet bowl (=

  5. March 08, 2011

    Sugarpine/Run 26: Although I haven’t been up to Mt. Baldy, Sugarpine seems like the long open Palmer runs on Hood! Hoping to shred Baldy!

  6. Pat
    March 09, 2011

    Beginner’s Gulch

  7. Brad
    March 09, 2011


  8. Nick
    March 09, 2011

    Gotta be Toilet Bowl!

  9. Jacquelyn Chin
    March 09, 2011

    Robin’s Run! I totally eat snow every time and I love it! 🙂

  10. Frank Jackson
    March 10, 2011

    Skyline definitely. Beautiful unobstructed views of Mt. San Antonio and a nice steep and groomed run.

  11. Colonel
    March 10, 2011

    Goldridge. Yep, goldridge