Holy Oly 2011

09 Apr, 2011

In the days leading up to Holy Oly, I was trying to explain why I would fly up to Seattle just for this contest but it comes down to the experience of it.  It’s a northwest competition that’s based around the fun and promotion of snowboarding without worrying about winning or losing, making money or being in the magazines.  It’s seeing the up and comers riding next to the legends of snowboarding.  The northwest breeds some amazing riders, they probably won’t have Target sponsorships or win the Olympics but these riders have style.  That’s Holy Oly:  Style, fun and good vibes.  It’s worth the plane ticket every time.

I grew up riding in the northwest, specially Snoqualmie started my snowboarding.  It’s fun to go back to the mountains with all the memories and good times.  Today was a reminder to the NW with a mix of overcast to rain, heavy snow conditions.  This year’s Holy Oly featured tube town which a variety of tubes to hit and then the big quarterpipe that was much bigger than last year.  It took some time to realize how big when the riders were barely airing out at first.  Eventually with straight drops from the Summit tower, big airs were enjoyed.

Riders going big on the QP and smaller QP/Tube Town section

Last year’s winner Austin Hironaka on the QP

Forest Bailey took home mayor of Tube Town

Double handplant from Dylan

Jason Robinson has no problem getting inverted on a flat to down tube

Jacob Krugmire 15 years old with a mustache and riding like a man

Each year at Holy Oly Cobradogs comes out and gives out delicious dogs for everyone.

Deliciousness in every bite

The snowskaters were out in full force jibbing the tube town and QP like it was nothing

Including Monty Hayes who was riding a snowskate during the day

Kyle Fischer stalling on the tube

Tucker on the QP

Tube Town remained busy for the entire day, riders dropping in at the same time on multiple tubes that kept it fun to watch for spectators

Johnny Lazz hanging onto a stall on the tube

Kyle Fischer walking up alongside Peter Line

During the midday grooming of the contest, we headed to the lodge for a break and then ended up getting our laps in.  The snow was so soft and heavy but really fun.  I head out with Gorio, Aimee and Addi for laps and they took me to a fun banked trail in the trees that was a blast to just rally through each run.

Right before the awards, Pete Saari from Mervin and Sean Genovese from DWD checking out the art on the Holy Oly skateboard decks for the winners

Jesse Burtner and Krush announcing the winners with the winner lists written on the Olympia beer box.

Forest Bailey running up to get his mayor of tube town award

At the end of the Holy Oly, one overall winner is crowed and this year Chilean Manuel Diaz won the Holy Oly.  Manuel’s win was well deserved and he was killing the quarterpipe with height for the day.

It was another fun Holy Oly.  Once the contest ended, we hung out waiting to figure out the next plan of action.  I got to catch up with Blue who introduced me to Mark Landvik and Jamie Lynn, two method legends.  It was definitely rad to talk with them and end the day on such a high note.

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  1. BenR
    April 09, 2011

    This is easily the best contest in snowboarding. It’s the only one I make sure I go to every year, it just feels like snowboarding, no corporate bull shit, no tv….no skiers….just plain fun and amazing riding. What other contest can you see both Jacob Krugmire and Peter Line riding in? Great write up Shay! Glad you could make it up to the NW.

  2. April 10, 2011

    Sounds like a fun comp.. will have to try to put it on the schedule for next year.