June 4/17/11

17 Apr, 2011

Living in Mammoth Lakes has been a dream and having Mammoth in my backyard has been better than imagined but having June nearby is the icing on the cake.  It’s a different vibe than Mammoth and it reminds me of the ski hills back home (not resorts) except with amazingly good parks.  I’ve had great pow days and great park days at June this year and today was a day to get back there before they close up for the season on April 24.

The skier and I headed up for park laps with a borrowed GoPro for the day to get in some footy.  We ended up meeting Sam, June’s Terrain Park Manager at the top of the park and talked to him for a bit.  This whole season I’ve been really stoked on June’s parks, the easy stuff for me to the bigger stuff for the skier.  Sam was with the Signal Snowboard crew in town to film a Every Third Thursday Video coming up.  Can’t wait to see how it comes out!

The big jump at the top of June’s Sunrise Park – the skier on his way to hit it.

We ran into the aussie crew who were up for the day just like us and got to hang with them a bit in between laps.  It was fun seeing them out and getting more time with them.

Today I stepped up in the parks, hitting two boxes I hadn’t hit before.  I did the flat box at the top of the park and then the up flat box at the bottom of park.  I wanted to try a couple others but are saving them for next time.  We did do a quick video of the one lap with my first hit on the up flat box and then the skier on the down rail.

The skier on a down rail

Bummed the season is ending at June but definitely hoping to get another day or two in at the mountain.

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