Mammoth 4/15/11

15 Apr, 2011

The best way to end the work week is shred time with the co-workers.  That was today!  I headed out with my Mammoth Marketing co-workers for an afternoon of snowboarding (even the skiers went riding).  The conditions were warm with a breeze and the snow was sticky, definitely a reminder to make sure my gear is spring waxed.

Co-workers:  Ashley, Joani, Dan and myself

I gave Joani my 10-11 Never Summer Lotus since I’m already riding the 11-12 Lotus.  Her snowboard was an old Burton from probably 10 years ago so definitely an upgrade.  Today I mounted it up for her so she could try it out for the first time.

Dan and Ashley riding

Dan is a skier but was stoked to get out on a snowboard again, of course he did great but there are always falls on a snowboard when you are learning.

Looks like a massive jump is going to be built for some “secret” session at Mammoth.  My lips are sealed.

Finished out the work day and hit up the Mammoth Brewing Company for beer samples and a growler for home.  Perfect way to end a Friday!

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