Mammoth 4/16/11

16 Apr, 2011

I had two choices for today:  take photos and watch the volcom PB+RJ finals in Main Park or stay in Art Park and mini park filming and lapping features (including trying new ones!).  I chose the second option, even though the first would have been fun to check out the contest, I wanted to just get out and snowboard all day long.  So sorry if you wanted PB+RJ finals coverage, I went snowboarding!

I started out the morning getting in warm up laps and then headed to the mini park off Canyon to see what was there.  The mini pipe’s disappeared but there’s still a couple features and a jump line.  It was a good warm up to working on my park riding again.  I’m just happy to ride park but I won’t be at the level to compete ever and I just enjoy it.

Trying out the Endeavor Boyfriend Series snowboard for the day!

The skier and I met up after a couple laps and headed to Art Park for some filming.  Mostly the filming was for him since he can hit all the features and I can only hit about half of them.  I also ran into Jon who checks out and his girlfriend Lisa and friends riding through Art Park.

Filming while taking a photo of the skier on the down flat down side kinked rail

I was behind the camera being the cameragirl for the day in between laps.

Ashley came and made a lap with us so I got this shot of her on the flat box

I ended the day on a high note, finally tapping the bonk feature.  Most of the stuff I can do but mentally I don’t do it.  I’ve been trying to get past that and just try new stuff that I can do.  We got video of me riding the boyfriend board and on the bonk so I’ll include that in the review.

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  1. Anna K
    April 16, 2011

    I can totally relate to this. I am pretty scared of the park and have a hard time building up courage. Sometimes I get really discouraged but then I remember why I’m out on the mountain in the first place, because of how alive snowboarding makes me feel. So I just focus on having fun, not on being “good” and I always end the day feeling awesome 🙂

  2. Jon
    April 18, 2011

    I’m surprised they don’t throw a wider box into the mini park like they have at the Art Park. The wide boxes are good practice! In fact I don’t think I’ve even seen any of those wider boxes at Mammoth

  3. Jon
    April 18, 2011

    Oh and nice goggles =P