Mammoth 4/6/11

06 Apr, 2011

I grew up skiing with my family and took the ski bus to the mountains but somewhere down the line I wanted to snowboard and snowboarding became my path for the past 17 seasons.  Since then I’ve only stepped back on skis one other time until today.  My co-worker Lauren and I rock the same shoe size which meant an easy switch to make her try snowboarding and me get back on skis.

We ended up heading out for our lunch/ride break and later on Dan joined me for a couple turns.  The fun part was it was exactly as I remembered it and while it’s been years, it didn’t feel like years.  It was pretty humorous to go out to chair 6 rocking skis and poles.

Here’s Lauren quickly learning how to skate on a snowboard.  This was her second time snowboarding after she learned her first lesson years ago.  I was stoked since she picked it the balance quickly and was sideslipping/falling leaf the mountain up.  A longer day and she would have been turning.

We ended up lapping chair 6 next to the park to get out groove back.  I had a blast getting the skis back under me and was all smiles while helping Lauren snowboard.  The skier met up from his usual park laps to watch and get this photo of us.

After getting a bit comfortable on the skis again, I pulled out the camera to try to document the experience.  Here’s a short video of me stoked on skis.

Dan was able to get out for a couple turns later, so grabbed this shot of him snowboarding.  He switched out gear with other employees too and was quickly turning down the same run while I skied.

The experience of switching and crossing over was fun for sure.  It made me hate stairs and will make me probably more patient to the slow skiers struggling down snow steps.  But it was definitely a blast getting back on what started my snow career and see what’s changed.  I felt pretty comfortable and even though it’s been almost 10 years since I last skied, I enjoyed it a lot.  There might be some more shayskier on here, haha!

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