Mammoth Snowmobile Adventures

21 Apr, 2011

I’ve only gone snowmobiling a handful of times but every time it’s so much fun that I really wish I had a snowmobile.  At the base of Mammoth Mountain, we have Snowmobile Adventures that operates during the winter so today I got to head out with the Mammoth Marketing team for the afternoon on sleds.

This was really my first chance to venture out beyond the mountain at Mammoth and see what lies beyond the resort.  I ended up going out with the afternoon group which included Joani, Steve, Dan, Katy, Katie, Molly, Deena, Marc and myself.

Last night we received new snow, about 5-7 inches of new snow and a mix of weather today but by the time we headed out the sun was already shining and the weather was warm.

Pick your sled!

We did a quick talk about how to operate the sleds for those that needed a refresher or anyone new to sleds.  Then got on each of our sleds (no one had to share) and headed into the woods to start the journey.

Me all geared up on my sled

The beginning was following the trails to get further out into more open areas.  We only passed by one other snowmobiler along the way and were told the land is public so anyone could be out there.  Once we got to a meadow it was a quick talk about staying safe and we were let loose into the meadow to make our own tracks.

I ended up going as fast as I could and then found a spot to get air which was my first time getting air on a sled.  Probably less than a foot but it was a blast lifting off the seat and then turning around to do it again.

For a couple seconds I stopped to get pics of people going by on their sleds.  Here’s Joani spraying up some snow.

It was Katy’s first time on a sled and she had a blast!

For the second part of the journey we went through my most memorable terrain because it was tight trees to maneuver through.  I liked it the best because we were making a new track through the trees and it felt most like snowmobiling alone.

The line of sleds behind me waiting for others to catch up

At the end of the trees, it opened up to a huge meadow with Mammoth Mountain in the backdrop.  Amazingly beautiful day despite the crazy snowstorm this morning.

Everyone gathered for a group shot before we headed back to the base of the mountain.

Ended the day at the Yodler with the marketing team and what a great day!  Definitely had a blast and getting out into new terrain is always fun.

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