Mammoth + TWS Good Wood 4/30/11

30 Apr, 2011

For 13 years, Transworld has done the Good Wood Test to determine the best boards in snowboarding.  With all the 2012 boards out, they do the test each year in the spring with selected riders to find out the most popular boards of the bunch.  This year the Good Wood Test was in Mammoth, they started earlier this week on the mountain and today was the last day for the testers to evaluate the boards. Two years ago Transworld let me experience the test at Breckenridge where I blogged about the experience and today I stopped by the test to check it out again and borrow a couple boards for myself.  A huge thanks to Ben and Annie for allowing me to experience it once again.

Transworld Good Wood Testers

The amount of boards at the Transworld Good Wood Test is amazing, it fills a whole room.  There are tech guys on hand to switch out boards and riders have boards assigned to them to ride for the day. There are tons of brands, models and sizes to choose from.  Basically if you love riding boards, this is your library of awe to choose from.  Ben said I could have a go at whatever boards I wanted and it was tough to choose. Should I go for requested boards?  Boards I want to ride?  Brands I can’t get?

A setup that just came back in but first the testers fill out the forms with their thoughts on the board

It was overwhelming but eventually I selected two boards I’d ride for the day, one men’s and one women’s.  The first was the K2 Eco Pop which I figured would be a good choice for the bulletproof snow on the mountain this morning and then I selected the Stepchild Simon Chamberlain because Stepchild’s are harder to demo and it’d be my first time riding the Chamberlain.

The Good Wood results will be out in late summer/early fall so until then it’s a guess on what boards made the cut.  I’ll post up the reviews on these two boards in a while.

Riding the Stepchild Chamberlain today

Most of the day was spent just lapping Forest Trail park with the skier and the aussies while riding the boards.  There were a fun detour to chair 4 which was open for the weekend but was quiet compared to the Main Lodge area.  It was perfect for cruising, speeds and switch riding.

It was sunny today but conditions didn’t soften up for a long time, till afternoon time at least.  The morning was bulletproof on the mountain which made me glad I slept in and waited to come up.  I lapped Forest Trail Park which is more my level, the jumps I’m getting more comfortable with and today I hit the up box and barrel bonk but more just having fun each run with everyone.

Nosey nose pressing on the flat box

The skier in Main Park on the donkey dick

Victoria riding the mountain

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  1. BenR
    April 30, 2011

    I’ve been dieing to get some time on a Lib Tech Attack Banana and the Rome Agent Rocker. So jealous that you get to do this and I don’t… damn you Shay!

  2. BenR
    April 30, 2011

    oh and the Rome Reverb Rocker… and maybe the Rossignol Krypto Magtek. Oh hell just lend me your pass and I’ll catch the next flight

  3. April 30, 2011

    Ben, I was just a visitor, no part in the test but today was the last day for it. I do have the Lib Tech Attack Banana review coming up and a bunch of other boards

  4. BenR
    April 30, 2011

    awwww ok. still jealous though…you’re on snow every day and I am struggling to get to the hill before work on the weekend. looking forward to your attack banana review… tring to decide what to replace my Captia Green Machine with next year…starting to wear out.