Mammoth 5/1/11

01 May, 2011

It’s officially May and Mammoth is nowhere close to closing up on the mountain.  But Spring conditions have finally arrived, sunny skies with minimal winds and hardpacked snow in the morning to slushy afternoon fun fests.  Today was a blast on the mountain, so much fun that I took minimal pictures and just enjoyed riding for riding’s sake.

We mostly lapped Forest Trail and Main Park.  On my runs through Forest Trail I hit most of the jumps, the corrugated tube, the up box and the bonk feature.  I was riding the 2012 Arbor Draft for the day.

Usually when I lap Main Park it’s to get footage of the skier hitting the jumps and rails.  Today some of the aussies stepped it up and hit the Main Park jumps so we got some shots of them.

Nosey on the step over jump in Main Park

While working at Windells last summer I had many roommates and housemates but one of the first people I met at camp was pro skier Josh Bishop.  He’s been in town with the Armada team this week and it was rad to see him lapping park.  Always fun to see Windells faces on the mountain!

The skier on the step over jump

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some funny wtf stuff on the mountain but today I saw these skating by, not snowblades but snowboard blades?  I was stunned.

What a fun weekend and stoked for the weeks ahead!  More familar faces coming to town and can’t wait to have friends visit!

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