Mammoth 5/14/11

14 May, 2011

May’s been full of surprises on the mountain especially with the arrival of another storm in Mammoth over the weekend.  I wasn’t feeling too good but couldn’t resist a couple turns on the mountain before the storm came in full force.

This month I’ve had two awesome houseguests.  Colorado rider Michelle Shea and my Windells roommate skier Keri Herman.  It was awesome to hang out with Keri again and stoked to finally meet Michelle after hearing of her for a while.  Plus it evens out the house, two skiers, two snowboarders now.

The riding was fun, the snow conditions were interesting on the mountain so we just cruised around enjoying it.  Eventually made our way into the park despite the flat light conditions and cruised to the pipe for laps through there.

I met Aussie Nosey earlier this winter and got to shred with him before he headed back home.  Sad to see all the aussies leave town.

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  1. emma
    May 19, 2011

    love the jacket, really nice color! what’s the brand and model?