Mammoth 5/18/11

18 May, 2011

Over the last couple days Mammoth has turned into a full blown winter paradise despite the fact that it’s May!  In fact the mountain looks just like it did this winter, nothing has changed and it’s frozen in winter time.  This morning started out with sunshine and powder, it took a while for the top to open but that meant good things for me.  I waited patiently, getting work done and finally when I heard it was a go, grabbed my co-worker Lauren for a top to bottom shred break.

The Mammoth Mountain sign on top is finally buried (but it’ll be dug out again).  That sign is 18 feet high I believe.

We ended up standing at the top of the gondola and dropping into climax just off the gondola.  As soon as we dropped in, it was very clear that the 8.5 inches in the past 24 hours was underestimated.  It was deep, fluffy and damn good powder turns even with some choppy spots.  We traversed over closer to Dave’s and got some good turns in before heading down along chair 5 liftline.

I love when photos look like this, powder!

Lauren skiing

We made our way down to chair 2 which was empty but dumping snow.  Amazing how the conditions are so great but people don’t come up as much on the mountain.  Now’s the time to get the best days without the lines.

Lauren’s reflection on the chairlift

We ended up on chair 3 to check out the conditions there and then made our way back down the mountain.  A couple more powder turns that felt great and back to work.  On the way down on the cat tracks, I got lucky with a freshly groomed run to myself.

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  1. Keither
    May 18, 2011

    Sooo jealous of you Shay. My last day on snow was last Wednesday (a 40 foot patch with a couple jibs), and you guys are still shreddin pow? Makes me want to move to Cali. Or at least book a trip next Spring.
    Rip a nice slash for me, will ya Shay?

  2. May 18, 2011

    Rad you are still riding Keither! Yeah still getting pow days and we’re open till July 4 so lots more shredding to come. Will definitely get a slash for you!

  3. Keither
    May 18, 2011

    Ya, the patch has pretty much turned to mud, but I’m gonna go search for a new patch this weekend.
    Regardless, thanks for the slash Shay, I can feel the nice cold face shot!

  4. Stephania Andrade
    May 19, 2011

    great way to spend your break! It’s always fun to see that sign covered in snow.
    Great photos!