Mammoth 5/19/11

19 May, 2011

In the springtime, year round employees get to shadow other departments to help out with the limited operations. I really like shadowing lifts because it gets me outside with ride breaks and a chance to see friends on the mountain.  We had winter conditions the past couple days but today the sun came out for my liftie experience (yeah was totally hoping for sunshine and not snow).  I ended up helping out at Chair 6, the park chair, over lunchtime.

When my shift came to an end, I got to take a couple laps with Michelle Shea whose been crashing at my house this month plus meet and ride with Diana, Shred Betties TM.  It was a fun couple laps cruising through Forest Trail.  The best part of the day was seeing all the new features in Forest Trail, it’s a dream right now and also a lot of goals to conquer.  I ended up taking out the lotus for the day and took it through some jumps, bonks, flat boxes and barrels.

We ended up running into the Vans crew who were lapping and testing boots (I’ve been testing out my 11-12 Vans Veil’s all winter with almost 100 days on them).  Plus the skiers were out in full force, Parker White is back in town and was stoked on me being an awesome liftie and another Windells gal Ashley Battersby was out lapping parks today.

For the last run, we lapped through the pipe which had been closed earlier in the day for a photo shoot or something rad.  The pipe was super soft snow but a blast to ride through.  Hoping the snow stays good through the weekend so I can get lots more time in riding!

Diana in the pipe

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