Mammoth 5/21/11

21 May, 2011

The weather wasn’t supposed to be cooperating for Saturday but it didn’t matter one bit.  The mix of clouds and slight rain drops didn’t impact the fun that was had.  I left the skier at home (ankle injury) and headed up to the mountain to see who was around.  It worked out that after a couple laps by myself, I ran into Eric and Lucien from Flow Snowboards who were up product testing for the weekend.  Later on Michelle joined up with us for some laps.

The mountain conditions have been insanely good.  I have to remind myself that it’s mid-May and the conditions are just as good as mid-winter on the mountain.

Yesterday I swung by P3 board shop in town to drop off the 2012 Never Summer Proto so they could have it as a demo board and Trotter let me borrow the 2012 Lib Tech Trice so I could try it out.  This has been that one board that is always requested but I’ve been hesitant to try it because it’s a mid-wide but it’s definitely not the first wider board I’ve ridden so finally caved in to trying it out.  After a couple warm up runs to get used to it, I rode it all day in the park.  It surprised me on how it handled with my boot size and I ended up having a great day on it.  I’ll be testing it over the rest of the mountain before I return it to P3.

Lucien and Eric at the top of the pipe.

Towards the end of the day when I split off from everyone and rode a couple laps alone, I ran into the Vans guys again.  They’ve been testing boots all week and it was fun getting in a couple laps with them.  I caught this photo of Maribeth Swetkoff-Kramer hitting the jumps in Forest Trail.

Ended the day on the sundeck having beers with Eric, Lucien and Michelle.  Also met up with Mike M who used to work at sierrasnowboard.  Good day for sure and stoked to run into so many familiar faces!

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