Snowboard Review: 11-12 Lib Tech TRS C2 BTX

17 May, 2011

Location: Mammoth, CA

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked groomed runs.

Setup: I rode the Lib Tech TRS with my Union Team bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 157cm.

First Impression: The TRS is that classic choice for riding everything, ripping up everything on the mountain.

Weight: average

Flex: It isn’t so stiff it falls into the hard charging category like the Dark Series and it isn’t so soft it falls into the Skate Banana category but hangs out smack in the middle of the flex scale. Tad stiffer in the nose and tail but softer torsionally which allows for it to handle freeriding but give it a quickness edge to edge for response. Lib Tech defines the flex as 5-7 depending on size which I’d agree on. The TRS has C2 technology which is banana rocker between the bindings and camber from the inserts to the contact points.

Turning: Easy to engage into turns. That’s where the TRS might not sound like the name given to it, it’s a total ripper but it doesn’t mean you have to be on your game to ride it. The TRS still has an easy initiation into each turn and quick edge to edge response when riding. Once into each turn, you feel stable on edge and secure through the whole turn. Both short and long radius turns were comfortable on the TRS.

Stable: Conditions weren’t that tough for the day, soft groomed snow and some hardpacked spots but mostly soft groomed.  The TRS handled speed and the size was a good fit for my riding.  The C2 technology helped make it stable and not the loose feeling.  I didn’t get to take it through any chop or cruddy conditions to test it on the worst stuff.

Pop: I took the TRS through Forest Trail for some jumps and just playing around on the board.  It had decent pop for ollies and still playful in some aspects. For butters/presses, capable of doing them but some more effort than a softer more banana specific park board.

Switch: I ended up not riding it switch at all so not sure if it rode the same as previous years or different.

Overall Impression: The TRS is a classic in the Lib Tech lineup.  It’s name, Total Ripper Series isn’t just a name, it does what it says.  It’s a board meant to ride everywhere you take it, park or freeriding or pow.  It does it.

Shay’s Honesty Box: Riding the TRS is a blast, because it just enjoys the ride.  It’s a board that can handle the riding you give it but won’t always make you stay on your toes. Last year I encountered the slow base with the TRS but this year I didn’t have that issue and it rode fine with no slowness to the base at all.

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On Snow Photo

Lib Tech TRS description

Review Disclosure: I rode this board at the WWSRA Mammoth on-snow.  Please be aware boards may change, this review was done in February 2011.

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  1. Pete
    May 19, 2011

    Is it now a sintered base, or still extruded?

  2. Curtis
    July 30, 2011

    It’s always been a sintered base, I’ve been riding lib tech’s for years and i can’t remember any of their boards ever having an extruded base.

  3. Frank
    July 31, 2011

    TNT = extruded base = low maintenance but less fast …
    Still fun board… prefer looking more at Gnu now since the majority are Sintered and less expensive… just check it out… new webside 2012 of Gnu is live now!

  4. Tycho
    December 23, 2011

    Hi Shay, love your reviews, this site has been a nice source of information for me.

    I have a question for you any any others that may have experience with several new boards.

    I’m currently looking for a good freeystyle board that I can charge with. I’m currently on a Burton Custom v-rocker from 09/10 season. I absolutely love it, in fact I bought the 10/11Banana Magic to replace it last year and after a few weeks decided that the Burton was better in just about every respect. That said, instead of replacing it this year, I’m going to keep riding it but pickup something a little more aggressive for those days I really want to charge.

    I’m strong experienced rider, with intermediate freeystyle skills, and I find myself riding switch about 35% of the time. 5’8 160lbs. 9.5 men’s boot.

    The Libtech Trice, NS Heritage, and Capita TFA (hate the graphic tho) are my top pics right now. Which do you think is my best choice, other please add another, I’m open to anything.

    Thank you!

  5. Frank
    December 23, 2011

    Hi Tycho,
    I am surprise that you prefer the B Custom V-rocher 2010 over Banana Magic 2011…
    I will say that the Magic should be charge and grip better… If you do not like the feeling not sure that T Rice or Dark Series or Billy Goat will be good… What you did not like about the Magic? C2 ? Mag? deep side cut? Can you elaborate what you did not like? In my opinion if you really want to charge and with bonus you want float… go for longer board with long radius and stiffer…:
    Arbor A Frame, Elan Vertigo, Capita BSOD (way better graphic), NS Raptor (but again RC vs C2 about the same), if you like the feeling of Burton why not Custom X classic amber?
    Personally I found that in the East Coast Icy, Burton does not grip as others…to charge and go fast…

  6. Tycho
    December 23, 2011

    Thanks for the reply Frank. I liked the Banana Magic, and found it very similar to the Custom v rocker, but I found, it had better pop, carved nicer, while being easier to butter and jib with. It floated better in pow too. Things that don’t sound like they are compatible, but true in this case. That said, it was subtle, the boards were very similar. I sold it to a friend that is loving it btw.

    Basically I’m looking for something more aggressive than my custom vrocker, but still a freeystyle board that is happy to roll through the park. I’m willing to give just about any type of camber profile a try, and I’m fortunate enough that the price doesn’t much matter, I just want a board that fits.

    Somebody recently recommended the Yes Big City. Thoughts on that? The Raptor sounds almost too freeride to me, but I’ll consider it too.

  7. Frank
    December 24, 2011

    Hi Tycho,
    Well since you like more Burton style… Custom X Classic Camber could make it…
    Also Yes Big City seems to be good… Capita BSOD as well… Even Lib Tech Lando pro Model is good… Never Summe Heritage certainly good too… In 2012 you have a lot of Choices 😉

  8. December 24, 2011

    You could also check out the NS SL as an option.