Snowboard Review: 11-12 Unity Reverse

05 May, 2011

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked to powder.

Setup: I rode the Unity Reverse with Technine Jib bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 155cm.

First Impression: The reverse is fun and playful but also rides very similar to camber when carving.

Weight: Average

Flex: If you are expecting a soft reverse camber board, you are mistaken.  While the reverse is the softest in the Unity line according to the catalog, its soft in the nose and tail but stiffer between the bindings.  That makes the board handle like a camber ride while carving but also playful on the nose and tail for park or float in pow riding. Stiffer torsionally, longitudinally a range of flex but it could be the mix of reverse camber that makes it feel that way.  The Reverse features Unity’s reverse camber design which has a small amount of camber between the feet and then angles up at flat angles from the foot area with 6mm of rise on the nose and tail.

Turning: Easy to initiate into each turn and better response edge to edge than I expected.  Definitely the longer radius turns were more favorable for me, shorter quicker turns required a bit more efffort with the stiffer flex between the feet.  Once on edge, carving each turn felt smooth, stable and rode like a camber board with the edge.

Stable: Rode like a camber board for most of the riding down the mountain with the exception of playing around on the nose and tail.  As long as my weight was centered, it felt stable and a very consistent ride.  Mostly with the mix of reverse camber, it wouldn’t throw you off while riding.  It handled speed just fine for me.

Pop: Good amount of playfulness on the reverse, softer nose and tail made it a lot of fun to press and butter up the mountain with but also felt good on ollies with the stiffer flex underfoot.  On my notes I kept mentioning how fun and playful the board was.

Switch: The reverse is a true twin shape and true twin flex pattern, it didn’t ride different switch at all.  Easy to maneuver around and play around with, regular or switch for me.

Overall Impression: The reverse is that all mountain freestyle board from Unity.  It’s meant to be on the softer side for a Unity but it doesn’t handle like a soft board.  It rides like a camber board on edge, smooth carving into each turn and still forgiveable without the bad consequences.

Shay’s Honesty Box: Most reverse cambers require an adjustment but not the Unity Reverse.  It’s that board you step on and it has camber but it also has a small amount of reverse camber so you don’t get confused while riding it.  You just ride it and it does it all.  The reverse was one of my favorite boards (despite not riding the right bindings for it) from the demo and Unity builds snowboards right.

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On Snow Photo

Unity Reverse description

Review Disclosure:  I rode this board at the SIA on-snow.  Please be aware boards may change, this review was done in February 2011.

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  1. Phil
    May 05, 2011


    Is the reverse as “burly” as the Origin? I had the Origin 159 and that thing was a beast. It was one of the stiffest, heaviest boards I have ridden in a while. It made me really respect guys like Zach who are riding it in the pipe. It was just too much board for me and so much heavier than most every other pipe board I have ridden recently.


  2. Mike
    May 05, 2011

    How does this Reverse compare with last year’s Reverse in terms of flex, response and stability?

  3. May 08, 2011

    Phil, the reverse is one of the exceptions. For Unity it’s not as burly but compared to other brands park boards, the reverse wouldn’t be their softest. The reverse definitely has the unity touch but it’s not a stiff, heavy board like the origin.

    Mike, I wish I knew. I didn’t ride the reverse last year.