Mammoth 6/10/11

11 Jun, 2011

When it comes to snowboarding for Mammoth Mountain, I will always offer my services.  Mostly because it’s fun to get out on the hill and get to help out when they need snowboarders to film for uplinks and videos.  This morning, we were getting footage of our amazing spring conditions to send out.  I headed up with filmer Amanda and PR Dan to be the models on the mountain.

The first laps were just fun, warming up while Amanda shot scenic stuff.  The parks were in good shape but still firm this morning.  By 10am they soften up a bit with the warmer temps now.

Today I was riding the 2012 YES Big City.  JJ Jose asked for a review on twitter so I got in touch with Chad at YES to see if there was a possibility to borrow the board for review this month.  The board arrived last week and will get a review.

Since we ended up getting footage for the uplinks, Amanda let me have the footage so here’s a video of us cruising the groomers in the morning.

Dan on the lift tower in Main Park

This winter I’ve spent time playing in Forest Trail park just having fun on the line of features.  One of the bonks has been a favorite but now I have to ollie over it.  But I’ve got the side bonk down which I’m stoked on.

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  1. June 11, 2011

    I was actually considering hitting up a room on Airbnb and renting someones couch to go riding at Mammoth… But I think the snow is almost gone? Perhaps next season!

  2. June 11, 2011

    Eddie, we still have 8-16 feet for snow base right now. The mountain is open to July 4 and could be open later with the amount of snow base we have. Best riding for June I’ve had, the snow is as good as Timberline in the summer. Worth coming down…definitely.

  3. Dan
    June 11, 2011

    “But I think the snow is almost gone?”

    Bahahahaha. There’s so much snow on Mammoth still it’s absolutely ridiculous.

  4. June 13, 2011

    Holy crap thats a ton of snow left! Up here in WA my local mountain still has 8′ at the top but it doesn’t look like it extends very far down