Mammoth 6/5/11

05 Jun, 2011

There are days when you show up to the mountain and everything syncs up for you:  front row parking, no lines, no one hitting the features in front of you and just jamming along.  As much as today seemed like that with the front row parking and no one on the mountain, it was deceiving for good reason.  The park was empty and we had it to ourselves but it was empty because the snow was sooo sticky and slow with the new heavy snow we got that you couldn’t make a feature (let alone a jump) unless you hauled and skipped past 3 in front of it.

After a couple runs through Forest Trail and Main Park realizing that riding was not going to be anything outstanding meant the perfect time to hit a new feature that was easy to hit.  The concrete feature has been buried in Main Park, totally doable for barely ollie’ing onto and I just wanted to try it since I hadn’t yet.

Of course the skier tried to haul it to the jump line but found out that even if you tucked today, you weren’t making it over the lip with any speed.

Crossing the fingers for next weekend to be sunny, not windy and good conditions with the snow!

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