Facemask Friday: Wrong Gear

08 Jul, 2011

When it comes to keeping your face warm on the mountain, facemasks do the job. On the deep powder days, they keep you from breathing in the snow. On the sunny days, they keep you from getting burnt. On windy days, they keep your face from going numb. Gone are the days that you have to wear a basic black mask and look like a bank robber, now plenty of companies offer bandanas, tubes, balaclava’s in an assortment of designs and colors.

Check back every Friday I’ll be giving away a facemask in a different brand/design/style. To enter the contest, read the directions below and leave your comment by midnight tonight. I’ll announce the winner in this post tomorrow morning.

This Wrong Gear Warrior mask (seen on the right) is deeply inspired by the Shemagh Arabian head scarf to bring the WARRIOR out in you!!! Recommended for warmer/clear riding days when you just need to keep the chill off, the Warrior Mask is a sure hit! The Warrior Mask sits nice over the nose with no sag due to the contour fit, and features a Velcro closure at the back for easy adjusting and no bunching under your beanie.

Steps to win the Wrong Gear Facemask:
1. Answer this question in your comment (make sure to use your correct email address):  In your opinion, what is an example of wrong gear you could have on the mountain?
2. You have till midnight tonight, July 8th to enter for this facemask.
3. All the correct answer comments will be written down and one winner will be randomly drawn from a bowl or kitchen pot ( you know like the lottery).
4. A winner will be announced in this blog post after midnight. I like to sleep so I will probably will pick a winner tomorrow morning.
Thanks to Wrong Gear for being part of Facemask Friday!

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  1. Leo
    July 08, 2011

    Jeans… oh how horrible it is to see skiers in jeans.

  2. Jeff
    July 08, 2011

    I grew up riding good ol’ Snoqualmie Pass Washington. One of the best things about that place, was all the passers by that would stop and ski.

    As they would be driving East, from Seattle, “Hey, look at that ski area! We should stop and try skiing for the first time ever. We don’t need snowpants. My jeans will work just fine.”

    Rain, sleet, snow or sun, they would come out in droves wearing only what they had on in the car and some crappy rental gear.

    Nothing beats night skiing, in the rain/sleet, in a pair of froze Levis. Clearly the wrong gear.

  3. Joe
    July 08, 2011

    I also must concur with the others above me…. jeans are very wrong gear to be wearing on the mtn.

    Though a few summers ago while strapping in up on the glacier in Hintertux, I saw a guy ski away in short lederhosen (traditional german leather shorts) and a t-shirt.
    I found it a bit odd… I would have to say that that would definately have to be the wrong gear for skiing/boarding.

  4. Elias
    July 08, 2011

    full length down jacket, isn’t that too bulky???!!

  5. Nicki Mallas
    July 08, 2011

    baggy pants = wet butt

    but also, anything that doesn’t fit right is the wrong gear (boots especially!)

  6. Tom
    July 08, 2011

    Carhartt jackets. I mean come on!

  7. July 08, 2011

    Bikinis & Swimshorts! Yeah they’re fun to wear on the mountain until you fall and get scratch up in the snow not to mention the sunburn. Swimsuits are not functional gear for the moutains 🙂 just the beach…

  8. JC
    July 08, 2011

    Socks with holes!

  9. Kristy
    July 08, 2011

    Ski’s!!!… Kidding —- sometimes you have to ride with the only gear you got, so for me no gear is really the only wrong gear….

  10. Fred
    July 08, 2011

    Never eeever try topless snowboarding. Went bare chest one day, it was all fun and cool ’till I bailed and got that spring snowy asphalt rash on my side and back!!!! Ouch

  11. Ethan
    July 08, 2011

    One-color, ankle-length dresses. Like the kind that someone might where to church or something. I don’t know if these people exist anywhere else in the world, but they are pretty common at Appalachian Ski in NC.

  12. Mike
    July 08, 2011

    I saw a guy this season at A-Basin wearing jean shorts and and 80’s style leather bomber jacket. No shirt. Talk about wrong gear to wear!

  13. Michael
    July 08, 2011

    Anything cotton = wrong, unless it is 75 degrees on the mountain like it was @ Alpine on July 4th weekend.

    Beanie instead of a helmet = wrong, unless you have no brains to protect.

  14. manhattanproj
    July 08, 2011

    backpack with speakers.

    why do you need it?

  15. Lando
    July 08, 2011


    Yes, you read correctly, beaver tails exist not only in rivers, but also (unfortunately) on snowy mountains. If you’ve never witnessed a geriatric skier donning a large, beaver tail shaped tarp from their waist, then you must not be from Montana, because around here, they rock harder than a Styx after party. Apparently elder Montanans have yet to understand that today’s snow pants are in fact built with waterproofing technology — that they don’t need a waist-cape to keep their wrinkled cheeks warm and dry. Old habits die hard, unfortunately. Thank god I’ve never seen a snowboarder cruise with a B-Tail. Even the weirdest among us wouldn’t disrespect snowboarding and self-worth to that extent.

  16. James
    July 08, 2011

    Skis, ‘nough said! : )

  17. Nerida
    July 08, 2011

    sunglasses on a powder day

  18. tim c
    July 08, 2011


  19. howard
    July 08, 2011

    A members only jacket

  20. Britt
    July 08, 2011

    A Borat bathing suit.

  21. July 09, 2011

    im too late but i think no man or wo man should be wearing bubble wrap gear on the mountain ever

  22. July 10, 2011

    Sorry everyone for the delay!

    Ethan is the Wrong Gear facemask winner! Congrats!

    Stay tuned for next Friday’s giveaway if you didn’t win.