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20 Aug, 2011

Sick since ’96, that’s the motto Flow stands by when it comes to building their snowboards. They design products that allow you to just go out, ride and forget about your gear.

For 11-12, Flow expands the Whiskey technology using basalt, revolutionary carbon designs and forever perfecting the art of shaping a board for the perfect ride. Every board focuses on three areas: binding area, between bindings, tip and tail transition. And with a focus on the three main ingredients: core, sidecut, rocker/camber. For profiles, Flow offers four different profile shapes: EZ-Rock (super mellow reverse camber), Pop-Cam (three phase camber), I-Rock (reverse camber), Pow-Rock (two cambered areas with a long mellow reverse camber).

Flow Solitude

Flow Snowboards brings you speed, agility and precision with the newly redesigned Solitude.  Featuers Whiskey X, Pow-Rock, Directional shape, 4000 base, carbon whiskey bars, quadrax glass, dual-transitional sidecut, DT sidecut.  Flex=4.5.

Sizes: 158, 161, 164, 169

Flow Infinite

The Infinite is one of the most well rounded boards in the Flow line.  From park jumps to tree runs, the Infinite can hold up longer than you can ride it.  Features Whiskey Rocks, Directional shape, Pop-Cam, 4000 base, Carbon whiskey bars, quadrax glass, dual-transitional sidecut.  Flex=4.

Sizes:  156, 159, 162, 159W, 163W

Flow Drifter

The Drifter is designed to take on all aspects of snowboarding, whether it be pow, park, pipe or rails, making it one of the most badass boards you can ride.  Features Whiskey Rocks, Whiskey Shooter Carbon, Quadrax glass, I-Rock, 4000 base, DT Sidecut. Flex=3.5

Sizes:  153, 156, 159, 162, 159W, 163W

Flow Merc

The Merc is value packed with enough performance to podium on the Dew Tour.  Features EZ-Rock, Optix-2000 base, slightly directional shape, Tru-Flex core, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=3.

Sizes:  149, 153, 156, 159, 159W, 163W

Flow Quantum

Open season!  The Flow Quantum is Scotty’s trusted board for every riding condition.  Features Whiskey Rocks, Whiskey Shooter, Tru-Twin Shape, Quadrad glass, Pop-Cam, 4000 base, DT Sidecut.

Sizes:  149, 152, 155, 158

L-R:  Flow Merc and Quantum

Flow Shifty

The Shifty is a softer version of the Quantum, but built to destroy anything in its path.  Features Whiskey Rocks, Tru-Twin Shape, Pop-Cam, 4000 base, Tru-Flex core, DT sidecut.  Flex=3.5.

Sizes:  150, 153, 156

Flow Era

The Era literally transcends generations, from graphics to construction.  Features Whiskey Royale, Whiskey Shooter, Tru-Twin Shape, Rock Camber, 2000 base, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=2.5

Sizes:  149, 152, 155, 155W, 158

Flow Verve

The Verve is the perfect freestyle board for any park-specific shred.  Features Whiskey Royale, True Twin Shape, EZ-Rock, 2000 base, Tru-Flex core, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=2.5

Sizes:  149, 152, 155, 155W, 158, 158W

L-R:  Flow Shifty, Era, Verve

Flow Myriad

The Myriad will take you all over the mountain with the greatest  of ease while providing style and technology that pours from this first-class female board.  Features Whiskey Rocks, Pop-Cam, Directional Shape, Quadrax glass, 4000 base, Whiskey-Shooter Carbon, DT Sidecut.  Flex=3.

Sizes:  144, 148, 152

Flow Elation

The 2011 Elation is a board built for any woman looking to shred the whole mountain.  Features Whiskey Royale, Pop-Cam, Directional Shape, 4000 base, DT Sidecut.  Flex=3.5

Sizes:  143, 147, 151, 156

Flow Jewel

The new Flow Jewel is a board that performs in the park and rules in the pow.  Features Whiskey Royale, I-Rock, Tru-Twin Shape, 2000 base, Whiskey-Shooter Carbon, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=3.

Sizes:  143, 146, 149, 152

L-R:  Flow Elation, Jewel.

Flow Venus

The 2011 Venus mirrors the shape of the award-winning Myriad, yet adds its own features for a more relaxed all-mountain feel.  Features EZ-Rock, Directional Shape, 2000 base, Whiskey-Shooter Carbon, EZDT Sidecut.  Flex=2.5

Sizes:  139, 143, 147, 151, 155

Flow Team Micron

Flow’s 2011 Team Micron is lightweight and agile enough for any little ripper.  Features EZ-Rock, 2000 base, Tru-Twin Shape, Tru-Flex Core, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=3.

Sizes:  135, 140, 145

Flow Bliss

Flow designed the 2011 Bliss to cater towards the best young up and coming female riders.  Features EZ-Rock, 2000 base, Tru-Twin Shape, Tru-Flex Core, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=3.

Sizes:  135, 140

Flow Micron Mini

Flow’s new Micron Mini is one of the best youth boards on the market.  Features EZ-Rock, 2000 base, True Twin shape, Tru-Flex Core, EZDT sidecut.  Flex=3.

Sizes:  110, 120, 130

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