Glove Review: POW Verlot GTX

17 Aug, 2011

Intended Purpose: Women’s glove designed for cold weather days and guaranteed to keep you dry with Gore-Tex.

Location: I wore these gloves at the SIA On-Snow in Winter Park and throughout most of the winter at Mammoth and June Mountain.

Conditions: I used these gloves in very cold temperature days (-20 in Winter Park) and anytime it was snowing at Mammoth or June Mountain. They are meant for cold winter days so I wore them in those conditions.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands.  I’m rocking the Verlot’s in the women’s medium size. The fit is ideal, the finger length is perfect and the gloves are snug on my hands.

Color: I received these gloves in the tan color choice which is really just white and black with the majority of the glove being white. I like the look and design of them, the palm is completely black and there’s a mix of black/white design on the top of the glove.

Features: The Verlot GTX gloves are a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex glove with the guaranteed to keep you dry promise. The shell and palm is a premium goatskin leather which is really smooth and comfortble to wear. The closure has ultra magic no snag technology. The insulation is a 4oz primaloft ONE. My favorite feature is the super soft material on the thumb that you can wipe your nose on. It’s also reassuring to have Gore-Tex on a glove, the quality is there and you know it’ll remain waterproof and breathable.

Durability: These gloves were ridden in a lot of powder and cold days on the mountain. When I first got them, they were used at the SIA On-Snow at Winter Park in the coldest temps (down to -20) and kept my hands warm all day during the demos. Later this winter, they were out on the majority of powder and snowy days at Mammoth and June Mountain. After at least 20 days, the gloves are still in immaculate shape with no wear and tear issues. They gloves have noticeably broken in, they are less stiff and easier to grip with than when I first got them.

Thoughts: When I first got the gloves, I thought they were really stiff and wondered about them breaking in.  After a couple days on the slopes, they started to break in and I got the full comfort that I wanted in them.  They spent a majority of the winter in the cold snowy days on the slopes where they kept my hands warm and dry.  I’m all for the Gore-Tex on gloves because you know the quality and lasting through the whole winter will work for you.

The best part is the gloves are still in great shape after this winter, they don’t have any wear and tear on them and the white leather still looks brand new.  Definitely was worried at first with them breaking in but now that the leather has softened up, a much better fit and grip.

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On-snow photos
POW Verlot GTX Description

Review Disclosure: POW gave me these gloves at SIA.

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  1. Ben
    August 22, 2011


    How did the velcro hold up throughout the days you wore these gloves?

    I had a pair of the Royal’s and the velcro would get snow in it throughout the day and by the middle of the day the velcro would not stay together. The velcro has become a bit lifeless now as a result and doesn’t seem to stick together even at the start of the day.

    I am a big fan of POW but was a little disappointed about this aspect and am wondering if it’s an inherent issue with their velcro or just the pair I bought.

    Keep up the great work,
    (from Downunder)

    • July 24, 2012

      Ben, The velcro is still holding up on the gloves. I used them throughout the season with not noticing it. Do you have your jacket cover your gloves? I make sure my jacket stays over my gloves when riding so the snow doesn’t get that far up the hand. Maybe contact POW about warranty for the velcro?