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15 Aug, 2011

When it comes to building snowboards, Head is about people, innovative and high quality products. The passion from riding meets technology so that a product rides better. For technologies, Head uses a chip placed close to the front of the board that absorbs vibrations and within five-thousandths of a second stiffens the board and increased torsional softness. The Kers (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) captures energy from vibrations during edge to edge transfer and boosts it back to you. The Intellifibers are Plizer fibers in the board which ensure stability at all speeds.

Head completes the camber concept menu with camba, flamba, rocka and snake.  Camba is traditional construction with optimum edge to edge transfer. Flamba lays flush atop a level surface and distribute pressure on snow in a neutral way to create a catch free ride, stable and predictable.  The Rocka from Head is like a rocking chair rocker that automatically lifts the nose and the tail contact points of your board up and out of the way.  The Snake shape moves the camber to the tail of the board in a unique camber design that pushes the nose of the board towards the sky as soon as you strap in.

Head i.CT Kers

Simply the fastest, most technical board on the market.  Equipped with a perfect torsion control management system, the Intelligence Technology provides a precise edge to edge transfer and a powerful response in any condition.  But we didn’t stop there…we added Head’s exclusive Kers technology for an extra push after each turn and threw in the Sintered Nano highspeed base, together these not only provide the best edge to edge board but the fastest on the market.

Sizes:  153, 157, 162, 157W, 162, 162W, 167W

Head AK SC i.

This is the board for effortless enjoyment on epic powder days.  The S-Camber amplifies that unforgettable floating sensation, and our super fast sintered base, IS 7200, will take you anywhere.  Stable at high speed with intellifibers and cross carbon inserts for a fast edge to edge resonse.  We even increased the tail to ride switch with ease.

Sizes:  155, 159, 163, 167

Head Matrix i.

The Matrix is our versatile camba board for every terrain.  Now equipped with the Intellifibers for more stability, the Control jacket combined with the wood core ensures a consistent pop and a solid control.

Sizes:  142, 148, 152, 156, 160, 164, 151W, 155W, 159W, 163W, 167W

Head Pearl i. (Women’s)

For 2011 we upgraded the very loved Pearl with our Intellifibers to give you in top of its great edge grip an impressive stability at high speed.  The Control jacket will let you feel comfortable on every terrain.

Sizes:  138, 142, 147, 152, 157

Head The Evil Kers

Featuring the carbon and kevlar jacket, the Evil is the new top of the range Flamba board.  Developed with Shane, Fredrik and Christophe, the way they wanted it to react, the way they wanted it to look like.  Fast, full of pop, stable and fun to ride.

Head The Good

The Flamba’s construction brought to you at an entry price point.  Easy to ride with the Cruiser jacket, you will enjoy the long lasting base and the solid wood core for the pop.

Sizes:  148, 151, 154, 157, 160

Head Defy Kers

Featuring two kers Microchip, the Defy is a supercharged rocker stick.  Stable and full of pop, perfect on every terrain, any speed, anytime…check out, Alex Tank is using it.

Sizes:  149, 152, 155, 158, 161

Head Ignition

The Ignition Rocka will let you progress and push yourself without thinking  about neither catching your edge nor worrying too much about servicing your board.  Low maintenance, the Ignition is made to be used and abused in the park and on the slopes.

Sizes:  150, 153, 156, 159, 162

Head Rush

The Rush is that forgiving and evolutive rocker board that will give you the best out of your days on the slopes.  A well-balanced responding board that you will handle with ease and get a lot of fun out of.

Sizes:  150, 153, 156, 159, 162, 157W, 159W, 162W

L-R:  Head Defy Kers, Ignition, Rush

Head She’s Bad (Women’s)

Girls will love the She’s Bad.  This board that offers the effective edge of a camber board, with the no-catching edge advantage of a rocker board.  The control jacket allows you to always stay on top of the ride.

Sizes:  138, 142,146, 150, 152

Head She’s Good (Women’s)

The Flamba’s construction brought to you at an entry price point.  Easy to ride with the Cruiser jacket, you will enjoy the long lasting base and the solid wood core for the pop.  Soft enough for the girls that are entering the snowboard world.

Sizes:  138, 142, 146, 150, 152

Head Blush Kers (Women’s)

Based on the construction of the Fountain I, the Blush is the freestyle Rocka board with a solid snap’n pop.  Girls will like the control and steadiness given by this board that is nothing else that an easy stomping snow toy.

Sizes:  138, 143, 147, 151

Head Glam (Women’s)

This responsive and versatile easy turning board will allow you to enjoy the best out of every ride.  Just focus on the riding.

Sizes:  139, 143, 147, 151

Head Stella (Women’s)

The Stella is the Pride’s two directional partner in crime.  Forgiving, progressive and easy turning board, the Stella is a durable board with a resistant easy gliding base.

Sizes:  139, 143, 147, 151

L-R:  Head Blush Kers, Glam,  Stella, Youth, JR

Head Youth

The perfect board for the kdis who want to progress fast.  Forgiving and easy turning stick for the kids, adapted to lighter riders and allowing them to stay in control on every kind of snow.

Sizes:  118, 128, 138, 148

Head JR

Progressive construction: Designed to take your kids to the next level.  For tomorrow’s pro riders.

Sizes:  108, 118, 128, 138

L-R: Stella, Youth, JR

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