McLeod Lake Snow Patch 8/13/11

13 Aug, 2011

When Mammoth closed on July 4, I wasn’t sure if It’d snowboard again this summer but today the opportunity arose when my friend Daniel talked me into a shred sesh.  We headed up to a snow patch we heard about and found that we could have a blast creating our own features.  I definitely miss the summer at Hood but it was rad to get our kicks locally.

We made our way to the Lakes Basin, just above Mammoth Lakes and got quite a few questions on the hike up with our snowboard gear.

McLeod Lake is a pretty quick hike uphill and there is leftover snow on one side of the lake.

The crew for today was Daniel, Jill, my dog and myself.

We didn’t have much snow to work with or much of a hill but with a few logs, snowboards and shoveling snow into place we had a very small jib park.

Daniel tail press on the mini-log

Jill on the mini-log

Myself showing just how flexible the Arbor Draft is!  On the hike up, my toe strap on my unions fell off so I just rode without it.

Jill snowboarding with my dog running after her

Eventually we set up a log bonk feature, here’s Daniel playing with it.

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  1. Keefer
    August 15, 2011

    Bluebird day Brah!!!

  2. douglas reinhart
    August 19, 2011

    Thats a pretty darn cool way to keep the stoke alive! Another summer session!