Review: RED Hi-Fi Helmet

28 Aug, 2011

Intended Purpose: The RED Hi-Fi comes with a customizable women’s fit in a low profile lightweight helmet designed to protect your head on the mountain.

Appearance: I ended up with the Hi-Fi helmet in the Haze colorway which looks like a cream color choice.  There’s some pink on the earflap strap and a small mix of green on the fur earflap.  I probably wouldn’t buy this colorway myself because the black plaid one is super sweet to look at but I demoed the Haze colorway which wasn’t horrible to look at, just wasn’t in love with it.

Fit: The Hi-Fi women’s helmet was very snug with my head when I used the Air Band system but I did encounter a pressure point near the left side ear that was noticeable during riding time.  But it wasn’t too bad that I turned the helmet back in, I ended up riding it all day despite the pressure point.  The helmet was snug and very padded, it was hard to figure out what the pressure was from.

Goggle Compatibility: I ended up riding the RED Hi-Fi helmet with the Anon Solace goggles which were a good match (but also figured they should be for good reason).  The goggles fit in their correct location and no gap between the top of the goggle and helmet.

Features: The RED Hi-Fi is the women’s team choice helmet features a women’s specific fit.  The helmet shell is an ultra lightweight in-molded polycarbonate shell.  The Hi-Fi comes with the Air Band 180 fit system which has a pump so you can custom fit your helmet to your head shape.  The gloves on buckle makes it easy to adjust with gloves on.  My favorite feature was the padded earflaps that were super comfortable and the Air Band 180 system was pretty cool to try out.

Durability: I didn’t really get a chance to test out the durability on the Red Hi-Fi helmet since I only rode it for one day and didn’t have any encounters with trees, falls or anything that would have really tested them.  I’d definitely like to try them over a longer period of time to get a better feel for them.

Thoughts: It had been years since I had tried a RED helmet so it was great to get back in their helmet to try out during the SIA on-snow.  The day I took out the Hi-Fi was the second day, one of the coldest days of the demo and the Hi-Fi definitely did the duty of keeping my head warm during riding.  The features were good, it was my first time trying out the Air Band fit system where you pump it up to make the fit more snug.  I wish I could figure out where the pressure point was on the helmet (if it was something in there or just with my head).  I spent the whole day in this helmet which was a good test for the features and it’s a very popular choice for helmets with good reason.  I liked the design and the look of the helmet, it would have been great to try the helmet in more conditions and with different goggles to see how they do with other brands.

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Rocking the helmet



Review Disclosure: I demoed this helmet at the SIA on-snow.

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