Review: Ride Messiah Backpack

07 Aug, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Messiah Backpack is designed to carry everything, go anywhere and pack everything kind of bag.  It’s simplistic in design, functional without too many bells and whistles.

Size: The Messiah backpack is 23L which makes it a good enough size for packing what you need.  I’ve used the pack to carry my spring gear to the mountain and for my mtn bike gear this summer.

Appearance: I received the Messiah backpack in the black colorway (the only option).  It’s black with some Ride design features.  There is some bright blue around most of the pack, on the straps and a blue/black squiggly lines artwork on the side panels of the pack where the boot carry is.  I really like the colorway on the pack, probably my favorite of the collection since it’s black/blue.

Ease of Travel: You can really stuff the pack full to the max with gear and on the inside, if you want to grab something from the bottom, just use the back panel pocket to gain access to them.  The lined goggle pocket on the top is where I store keys/cell phone/wallet/sunglasses and it keeps everything protected.  The board carry I have used for storing jackets but not yet board storage yet.  It makes traveling with your gear easier but definitely a more simple pack than an extreme pack you’d take out in the backcountry or hiking with.

Features: The Messiah pack features a vertical or horizontal board carry, hydration compatible, lined goggle pocket, back panel main pocket access, innovative side boot carry system (tucks away), adjustable waist-belt and sternum strap, back panel and under strap ventilator mesh and padded exterior pocket.  So far I haven’t used the snowboard features like board carry or boot carry yet because it’s summer but the pack has done well on the strap and waist padding.  It’s a comfortable pack to wear and has endured some mud/rain/trees so far mountain biking and traveling with it.  In the hydration pocket, I put my water bottle so it stays away from my other objects.

Durability: I’ve been mostly using this pack for the summer during mountain biking so it’s got some mud splotches on the board carry area but the straps have been super comfortable for the rides down each week and there’s no wear/tear so far other than some cosmetic mud.

Thoughts: This is a good basic functional backpack to have in your closet.  I’ve been happy to use the simplistic nature of it for my summer trips so far, mountain biking with all my padding, shorts, water bottle, tools and spare tires in it.  There’s enough room for everything I need and I still am not utilizing the entire pack yet.  The board carry does seem on the flimsy side but if I was going to be hiking with backcountry gear, I probably wouldn’t use this pack anyway.  It’s more of a day pack than a backcountry/guide pack.

The feature I like the best on this pack is the padding.  It’s really comfortable on the shoulders and back despite having some heavy gear in it.  I use the waist straps and sternum strap for every ride down the mountain.

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Ride Messiah Backpack Description

Review Disclosure: Ride Snowboards sent me this pack to review, I will be returning the pack to Ride Snowboards.

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