Arbor Snowboard Giveaway in Los Angeles Completed!

10 Sep, 2011

Of all the contests I’ve done on, the twitter giveaways have been a great way to get people in various cities to win a snowboard.  Today was the 5th twitter givewaway from, which took place in Los Angeles proper.  I started posting clues at 12pm on twitter that would help people find my location.  Whoever found me first got the 11-12 Arbor Formula snowboard!

A huge thanks to Arbor Snowboards for putting up the 11-12 Arbor Formula for the giveaway!

For the first time in the Twitter Giveaways, I picked a location and came up with the clues a week before the giveaway.  I was really stoked on the spot and it ended up being a fun place to hang out for two hours while we tweeted out the clues.  I had my friend Adina come along for moral support/snowboard bodyguard/backup phone/camera person and she did a great job for entertainment during the two hours.

I started tweeting out clues at 12pm (PST) in hopes that on a Saturday traffic wouldn’t be too bad and it was manageable to find me within a reasonable time.

1.  You can find me east of I 5, south of 101, west of 110 and north of 10. Get ready, GO!

2. Clue! Hmmm financial district? Jewelry district? Toy? Civic? Bunker? Where am I?

3.  Clue! You might find me near an avenue that is “large and impressive in size, scope or extent.”

Bonus Clue:  Extra bonus photo clue from where I’m hanging out during the giveaway.

4.  Clue! High rises surround this location but I’m comfortably lounging lower than them in a spot known for live music!

5. Last clue! You can find me at watercourt at california plaza, relaxing and waiting with a 11-12 arbor formula snowboard! Hurry up to win!

The view from my spot of the high rises in LA

I had just arrived at the Plaza when I tweeted out the first clue that gave the downtown location.  By the time the second clue was posted, I had the board with me sitting in the Plaza on the upper level.  I was visible from any entrance to the Plaza during the giveaway and no one said anything about the board.  By the 3rd clue, I had a good idea of the people trying to find me and patiently waited to see who was closest.  By the 5th clue, I thought people were really close and Erica arrived first on the scene!  She gave me a high 5 and was stoked to see the size was perfect for her style of riding.

A huge congrats to Erica for winning the snowboard.  She’s a Mammoth rider so it’ll be great seeing her on the deck this winter!

Thanks to everyone who participated and tried to find me!  It was a great day to be outside and stoked to share a giveaway with you guys in Los Angeles!  Thanks to Arbor for allowing me to giveaway the snowboard!  Hopefully more of these twitter giveaways in the future (gotta go east sometime).

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