Goggle Review: Roxy Isis

24 Sep, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Roxy Isis offers a wide panoramic visibility for women in a quality goggle.

Location: I rode these goggles from March to July at Mammoth and June Mountain.

Conditions: These goggle lenses are meant for sunny days and that’s what I rode for the majority of days.  Always bright sunny days with few clouds in the sky.

Color: I rode the Roxy Isis goggles in the white frame with a mix of blue/light blue colors on the frame.  The strap is white.  Definitely a more girlie looking goggle but it’s very subtle in the color choices that it doesn’t seem over the top.  The blue lens really lets the goggle pop for color as well.

Lens: I rode the Isis in the multilayer blue lens which is a category 4 lens (5% light transmission) – a dark lens designed for intense light and sunny conditions.  That’s very true for this goggle, it does a great job of blocking out the sunshine.  In non-sunny conditions, it did okay but definitely not an all around conditions lens.

Fit: I liked the wide frame of the Isis.  Honestly it’s the first women’s goggle I’ve ridden that is a wide peripheral frame but still can fit the women’s features around the nose.  But it’s wider and fits wider on the face.  I liked that the fit was still there on my cheeks/nose and it was comfortable.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore the Roxy Isis with my Bern Muse helmet most of the season, the frame was wider than the helmet so it didn’t fit as snug as other goggles have. Luckily the foam in the helmet made it so I didn’t have a gap between the frame and helmet.  It fit a lot better with beanies .

Visibility: Wide peripheral seems to only come in men’s models right now but Roxy took care of that with the Isis.  It’s a women’s goggle with a huge peripheral vision.

Features: The Roxy Isis is built to be lightweight and slim but with full peripheral vision.  It has ventilation in the bottom of the lens to help air circulation.  For maximum comfort, it has a triple compression molded face foam.  It features a side clip to fit with the helmet.  It’s also distortion free and shatter resistant ( I haven’t tested that but we’ll see).  My favorite feature is the visibility, it has a good range of vision and I like my sunny day goggles to block out the light.

Durability: I rode these goggles most of the last season at Mammoth, during a lot of sunny days through the park and never encountered a major durability issue.  The lens had some hardships but is still good visibility and no major scratches/damage to them.

Thoughts: The Roxy Isis goggles offer women a goggle that has as much peripheral vision as the boys get.  It’s a wider frame that most women’s goggles but still offers good fit for the smaller face/features that women usually have.  Overall I was quite impressed with the goggle with the visibility.  The lens were solely meant for sunny bluebird days and luckily, Mammoth has a lot of those but I wouldn’t recommend it for the other conditions.

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On-snow photos
Roxy Isis Goggle Description

Review Disclosure: I received this goggle from the Colorado Quiksilver office.

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  1. September 24, 2011

    damn those are some nice looking goggles! throw an orange lense in there and I’m sold 😉

  2. September 24, 2011


  3. mel
    April 25, 2012

    hi shay, thanks for the review! You’re the only one who’s reviewed these goggles! Do you happen to know how much light the other two colors block out? There’s a grey lens on the black goggles, and a purplish lens on the purple one. Thanks!!!

    • July 20, 2012

      Mel, no problem. I’m not sure on how much light the other two colors block out, I’d contact Roxy to find that out.