Review: Ride Rucksac Backpack

04 Sep, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Rucksac backpack is Ride’s metro pack designed to fit everything you need in one pack.  It features lot of pocket  and organization space which makes it perfect for traveling with lot of items.

Size: The Rucksac backpack is 20L which is a decent size.  I like the separate zones for gear, I can put my laptop in the padded back portion of the pack and keep my smelly stinky gear in the front portion where I can just jam it down to the bottom.  There are organizing sections and pockets for pens/pencils/notes, camera gear, cell phones, sunglasses.  I liked that I could organize all my traveling stuff into one pack and keep it separate.

Appearance: I received the Rucksac in the yellow squiggly colorway which is very price and crazy looking.  It’s a lot of squiggly designs in yellow with a black background.  In the top portion it has a George Carlin quote.

Ease of Travel: There are so many pockets in this pack that you’ll wish you had enough stuff to fill them with.  I used the pack for a couple day trips and weekend trips where I needed spots for camera gear/batteries and cables/cords.  Everything fit nicely and my laptop was separate from my clothes in the open portion of the pack.  It’s definitely a more school centric pack, tons of space for all your needs but also features that are more skate/snowboard specific like the board carry.  The back of the pack is very well padded so it’s really comfortable no matter how much stuff you put in there and padded straps so it doesn’t dig into your shoulders.

Features: The Rucksac is a top open pack that can carry a skateboard or snowboard vertically or horizontally (though I probably wouldn’t use this pack to carry one, you can).  It has tons of interior organization pockets and a variety of exterior pockets for just about every size.  I think this is the most variety of pocket sizes/functions that I’ve ever encountered in a backpack.  Side mesh pocket that is great for all those horrible cords you have to carry or a water bottle.  There is a zippered side pocket and the pack is very adjustable with the waist and sternum straps.  It’s also very well padded so you only carry comfort instead of pain.  I really like the assortment of pockets in great locations, it literally has a spot for everything.  The open pack idea is interesting and works but it makes it not as likely for a snowboard pack since snow could get into it.

Durability: I’ve been mostly using this pack for some of the spring and summer traveling.  It took some good night and weekend trips with me where I packed it to the brim to see how well it did.  It was also on snow with me at the end of the season.

Thoughts: This pack is definitely built for the metro city rider in mind especially if you are a student.  It’s organization will make you a more organized person, it’s super comfy and it can hold all your things in one pack.  I like the concept of the snowboard features but I would be weary of using an open top pack on the mountain when snow could get into it.   The Rucksac was great for holding everything without losing anything.  Overall it’s a well designed pack with features and pockets, the straps can be hidden so they don’t stick out (anyone who has traveled onto a plane with a snowboard pack knows that straps can be annoying as they hit everyone sitting down).  I did like the long pocket that was perfect for stickers in the front.

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Ride Rucksack Backpack Description


Review Disclosure: Ride Snowboards sent me this pack to review, I will be returning the pack to Ride Snowboards.

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