The 2nd Annual Shit Club Golf Tournament

17 Sep, 2011

Imagine pre-1995 clubs, old school outfits and lots of adult beverages mixed in with nine holes of golf at Sierra Star Golf Course in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  That was the 2nd Annual Shit Club Golf Tournament today – designed to play with shitty clubs.  Mammoth Snowboard Team coach Ben Wisner and Mammoth Sponsorship Manager Robb Hewett started the golf tournament last year and kept the tournament word of mouth for the second year with a lot of local Mammoth employees, friends and industry folk.  For many of skiers and snowboarders, the game of golf is a good way to pass by the summer.  For me it’s been a neglected sport but one I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid.  Despite this being a snowboard blog, I like to post the occasional fun activity that’s not snowboarding specific.

There were many rules in place, if you cheated – you ran naked.  If you had clubs newer than 1995 – you couldn’t use them.  Old school outfits were appreciated.  We met up at Sierra Star at 10am for the registration, plopped down the $50 for the 9 holes of round with golf cart, lunch and beers.

Lauren and myself on our golf cart

We teed off and hit the green with our group of five.  We had Rebecca, Jason, Lauren, Kristin and myself in our group.  It was  a rough slow start to the game but eventually it came back and all of us significantly improved during the nine holes.

Rebecca showing off her golf swing – the view was pretty great!

Jason, Rebecca and Lauren on the green – trying to get the shot.

Myself at Sierra Star – borrowed sweater vest with stripes/argyle in back.

Jason getting his putt on from afar.

It took a couple hours but eventually we made it through the nine holes and finished at the Chip Shot Cafe for the final announcement of winners and lunch.  The scores were tallied and prizes were given out for the grand prize winner, longest drive and best scores.  I walked away with a 59 score, pretty good for my return back to golfing after years of not golfing and took home a Shit Club beanie for best score on the female side.

The men’s score of 44 was a tie so a final playoff was required between Mammoth’s PR Manager Dan Hansen and Sierra Star’s Pro Dave Schacht.  Dave eventually won the playoff despite a lot of jeering/cheering to distract him.

Dave got the golden putter award for overall winner.

The entire crew at today’s 2nd Annual Shit Club Tournament!

It was such a great day to be out on the links and playing golf again.  Surprisingly this summer, I haven’t really taken up golf since I don’t own my own set of clubs and it’s harder to throw down money each week to play.  Maybe next summer I’ll spend the money on a golf season pass so I can play more often.

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  1. Keefer
    September 17, 2011

    I think Robb took the pre-95 aspect a little too far, he looks like a twelve year old boy.