Facemask Friday: Wrong Gear

07 Oct, 2011

When it comes to keeping your face warm on the mountain, facemasks do the job. On the deep powder days, they keep you from breathing in the snow. On the sunny days, they keep you from getting burnt. On windy days, they keep your face from going numb. Gone are the days that you have to wear a basic black mask and look like a bank robber, now plenty of companies offer bandanas, tubes, balaclava’s in an assortment of designs and colors.

Check back every Friday I’ll be giving away a facemask in a different brand/design/style. To enter the contest, read the directions below and leave your comment by midnight tonight. I’ll announce the winner in this post tomorrow morning.

This Wrong Gear Warrior mask (seen on the right) is deeply inspired by the Shemagh Arabian head scarf to bring the WARRIOR out in you!!! Recommended for warmer/clear riding days when you just need to keep the chill off, the Warrior Mask is a sure hit! The Warrior Mask sits nice over the nose with no sag due to the contour fit, and features a Velcro closure at the back for easy adjusting and no bunching under your beanie.

Steps to win the Wrong Gear Facemask:
1. Answer this question in your comment (make sure to use your correct email address):  What brands are you loyal to and why?
2. You have till midnight tonight, October 7 to enter for this facemask.
3. All the comments will be written down and one winner will be randomly drawn from a bowl or kitchen pot ( you know like the lottery).
4. A winner will be announced in this blog post after midnight. I like to sleep so I will probably will pick a winner tomorrow morning.

Thanks to Wrong Gear for being part of Facemask Friday!

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  1. Jeff
    October 07, 2011

    MNMNT Snowboards!

    They just keep going along and doing their thing. Nothing too flashy, not a marketing show with crap product (Jones, YES, etc.). They just keep on keeping on and support the hell out of those that ride their stuff.

  2. October 07, 2011

    I’m still trying to figure out what brands I’m loyal to, but I seem to be leaning towards Burton and K2 for boards, Burton and Bonfire for clothing, and EMS for all the random accessories (hats, fleece, etc). I can’t imagine trying to pick just one brand to be loyal to!

  3. Ming
    October 07, 2011

    Outerwear: Holden for their quality, although in straight rain its not the best. I still love their stuff as its not super baggy/poofy snowboarding stuff and makes for some killer street clothes.

    Boards: Nitro, Ride and YES. Basically? Their boards are damp, fun and in general kick ass. Can definitely say I’m not too big into Big B mostly for this – the dampening wrecks my knees after a few runs.

  4. Dirk
    October 07, 2011

    I don’t believe in brand loyalty. Most brands that put out some good product will on occasion foul up. Admittedly, if a brand does it well the first time I try it (Dinosaurs Will Die), I would go for it again. You have to be a bit suspicious. I like the idea of brand loyalty, but I don’t consider it reasonable. If I like something I have purchased, I will recommend it to other people.

  5. October 07, 2011

    I`m loyal to Bonfire on my snowboard clothing because my fisrt jacket was as resistant and light as they describe before. Then I bought a pant and I´m very happy with it, so I think my next will be Bonfire too.

    On boards, my Burton Cruzer has supported years and years of stones, fails and hits so I think they’re great.

  6. Judy
    October 07, 2011

    ROXY for boards, UNION for bindings and COCA COLA for anything else.

  7. Diego Peixoto
    October 07, 2011

    Never Summer. This is the first time I got one of their boards and i have to say. The quality is amazing, the finish is superb and i have to say that they probably have one of the best customer support/interaction out there. They are super awesome and they will always have my business.

  8. Stephen Butler
    October 07, 2011

    Westbeach because they are from my town. Just as importantly, they perform and i feel great in their product.

  9. Danny Cheung
    October 07, 2011

    32 for boots. The only boots that I’ve tried on that will accommodate my wide feet. Can’t have fun shredding if your feet are hurting right?? Also like their outerwear too. Customer service is top notch as well.

  10. Tien
    October 07, 2011

    After buying my first Agent several years ago, I’ve become a diehard Rome loyalist for my boards. Major respect for their customer service and consistent quality of their gear…when you ride 60 days on a board and it still looks/feels brand new it’s a gratifying experience.

  11. Anthony Bond
    October 07, 2011

    Westbeach for outerwear; the fit is good for me, quality is good and they have great sales on their website making it very affordable. Rome for bindings; I love the canted footbeds of the 390 Boss bindings. Arbor for snowboards; love the System rocker, they are ecofriendly and the quality is spot on.

  12. Alvin
    October 07, 2011

    Union bindings – I ride them hard and they’ve never failed me.

  13. Boon
    October 07, 2011

    Union Bindings and Never Summer

    Both features nice warrantys and always good reviews. What’s not to love? =D

  14. Khoi
    October 07, 2011

    Burton- it may be over priced and super corporate, but as long as they make quality gear and innovations, I’ll continue to buy. The W48 warranty is among the best in the industry too. Still loving my Uninc. Wish they would bring it back.
    Union – they make awesome bindings and everyone is getting on the band wagon. I don’t wanna be left behind.
    Oakley – They are down the street from my house. I have friends that work there, but more importantly is quality and style.
    Thirty-Two (Sole Tech in general)- Local company, good products, great team

  15. Jon M.
    October 07, 2011

    Special blend – high quality apparel

  16. Ben C
    October 07, 2011

    Apple (ipod, macbook) because their stuff is easy and tough.

    Bern helmets because it fits my head.

    Superfeet insoles because they are head and shoulders (or feet and toes?) above other insoles.

  17. kelvin
    October 07, 2011

    l’m with burton, not because l love them but my inital board was a channel system. so l got bindings that were est to fit it. THen it everytime l swap up, l still have 1 burton product (binding or board) left that l dont need to switch so l just go burton either way. l know that union has a compatiable disk but l’m from canada and l pick my goods up in the states. l would be scared if it didnt come with it and l’m stuck on a weekend trip without my set. totally a bummer

  18. Doug
    October 07, 2011

    Rome SDS for their great quality products and awesome customer support. resolved my issues and sent replacement cant beds super quick.

    Never Summer – Just an amazing company all done in house, also great quality. Bit pricey but you definitely get what you paid for and in my opinion its worth every penny!

    Capita – All their boards are absolutely amazing, very addicting like crack!! (although i don’t condone or ever used crack 🙂 ) First time I tried their board I never wanted to give it back. Extremely playful and fun on the mountain.

  19. dave
    October 07, 2011

    I like mervin caus they make good shit and they seem preety cool
    I wana face mask caus my face is so farking uglee

  20. Erika
    October 07, 2011

    I am a true fan of Ashbury

  21. Richard
    October 07, 2011

    I try not to adhere to brand loyalty. Brands can have great vision and consequently product, but that’s helmed by a few talented leaders/individuals. It’s very difficult to maintain that standard for an extended period of time (read: years) as these people leave company, are gradually overruled by corporate priorities, or various other reasons. The unfortunate thing is that the public is rarely aware of this as companies have a clear interest to keep this internal. The momentum of their previous successes keeps their popularity alive, but whether that is justified is always a question of concern. You have your fanboys on one end, haters on the other, and the remaining 95% of customers who aren’t “enthusiasts” of the sport in the middle. It’s that last crowd that will be hitting the enthusiast websites/forums and be easily swayed one way or another.

    The point is that products and companies should be evaluated year after year on an even platform, however hard that may be.

  22. Ian
    October 07, 2011

    I haven’t touched eyewear from a brand other than Oakley for 14 years! Best lenses in the world, provided you use the correct one for the correct conditions.

  23. Elias
    October 07, 2011

    OAKLEY!!!! I don’t have any other sunglasses, glasses or goggles from other brand. I just love it… for no reason. Not just eyewear, jacket, Tee, bags, boardbag, backpack, luggage, boardshorts. I am a FAN of OAKLEY.:D

  24. Timothy C
    October 08, 2011

    Airblaster – Function, Value, Steeze and Quality.
    Nitro – Build quality

  25. jenny
    October 08, 2011

    l love ride board. quality boards and great price. always goes on sale. slim walls really help with me not banging the side up

  26. October 08, 2011

    Congrats to Jenny! You are the winner of the Wrong Gear facemask!

    Stay tuned for next Friday if you didn’t win!