Glove Review: Swany Arctic

11 Oct, 2011

Intended Purpose: These women’s mittens are part of the Swany Toaster Collection that help generate heat to keep your hands warm. They have the warmth of a mitt with the flexibility of a glove.

Location: I wore these throughout most of the winter at Mammoth and June Mountain.

Conditions: I used these mittens on powder days and really cold weather days at Mammoth Mountain.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands.  I’m rocking the Arctic’s in the large size which fit perfectly, the mediums were a bit small when I tried them on.

Color: I received these mittens in the white color option.  There’s one small stain on them that’s noticeable, the rest of the glove are still pretty white.  The palms have a black leather portion so gripping stuff holds tight.

Features: The Swany Arctic is part of the Toaster Collection line. The outer shell generates heat through absorption of visible and infrared rays from the sun. It also reflects wearers infrared rays back to the hand. Sounds complicated huh, well basically it’s designed to keep your hands warmer through reflective materials. The mittens have an inner glove liner that does not shift or come out of the mitten when you pull your hand out. There is a side access feature on the mitten which allows for you to use the inner glove liner to grab things outside without taking off the glove nor getting your fingers cold. It’s a rad feature actually. Other features include a thermotron heat reflective shell, smooth grain LeatherShield palm, primaloft insulation with comformax radiant shield, AquaGuard lock-down zipper, fleece storm cuff, precurved construction, uni-pull cuff and quick release strap.

Durability: I rode these gloves in a lot of powder and cold days at Mammoth.  Other than a small stain and minor noticeable wear marks the mittens are still in pretty good shape.  I’m especially impressed because the white color is still white.

Thoughts: The Arctics are for those who love mittens but want an inner glove that allows for range of motion with your fingers.  I really liked that the inner liner was not removable from the mitten but also you could unzip to be able to use a camera, cell phone or whatever else you needed with a better grip and without your fingers getting cold.  Overall the glove kept my hands warm during the cold days.

In terms of the heat technology with the suns radiation and reflective material, I find it really interesting but also it’s a hard thing to test and compare without having the mitten without/with the materials. I will say that the gloves were best for cold weather days, powder riding and if they keep your hands warm for those days, then they did the job. For me, they did the job.

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On-snow photos
Swany Arctic Description

Review Disclosure: I received these gloves from Swany at SIA.

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