Review: DC Amo Jacket

04 Oct, 2011

Intended Purpose: The DC Amo Jacket is an insulated snowboard jacket with 5k/5k and critically taped seams.  It’s a great option for drier snowboard climates while still protecting you from wind and snow conditions.

Fit: The DC Amo comes in standard fit which I thought still offered a baggy loose fitting fit to the jacket.  It was definitely a box fitting kind of shape but I liked that it fit my hips and curves.

Appearance: I liked the three colorway option that DC continues to use in this collection with the green, blue and grey.  I liked that it offered a bright colorway to match my 686 blue pants.  My only gripe with the jacket was it was a popular choice for many riders and very visible on the mountain so I ended up riding it less times than my other choices and most often on powder/snowy days on the mountain.  I mostly wore the jacket with my blue pants which were a good match but I also had no problems wearing it with black pants as well.

Features:   The Amo jacket is stacked with features so it makes a good bang for the buck jacket.  It has 5k mm/5k gm for waterproof/breathability with 30gm poly insulated.  Despite being a lighter mm/gm jacket it comes with enough poly to keep you warm on the slopes, definitely meant for more cold weather snow, not wet snow.  The Amo features a removable waist gaiter, waist gaiter with stowage system, waist gaiter attach system, hem drawcord, pit zip vents, cuff gaiter, adjustable cuffs, hood drawcord adjustment.  There are hand warmer pockets, a media pocket with media port, multiple attach hooks and clips.

Durability: I wore this jacket on a lot of snowy days, in some awesome powder conditions and got to try it out when the weather was a bit more than the 5k breathability and waterproofing.  It held up a lot better than expected and the insulation helped keep me warm in the wet snow conditions.  On those wet snow days, the jacket wouldn’t soak through and it held up without getting me wet.

Thoughts: The Amo jacket is described as a bang for the buck jacket with features.  It’s definitely a good choice for those looking to buy their first snowboard jacket to last through the season.  The 5k is just enough to handle the mountain but depending on what conditions you ride in, it might not be enough.  It’s a very comfortable jacket from DC, especially with the insulation that keeps you warm on cold days.  I did notice that the pockets on the front were a bit awkward in their location and getting used to the direction of the zippers.  Overall the jacket was a fun choice for last winter, much lighter than my 686 jacket and offered up a bright three choice of colors.

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On-snow photos

DC Amo Jacket Description (2011-12)


Review Disclosure:  This product was given to me from DC.

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