Review: NXTZ Dual Layer Neck Tube

15 Oct, 2011

Intended Purpose: Designed to keep your neck ultra warm and protected on the slopes. Meant for unpleasant weather conditions and those cold days on the slopes.

Appearance: I received the Markovich 2 artwork necktube, it’s pretty rad to check out the art up close and rock something that’s totally different than the standard colors/prints. It’s original and weird at the same time but in a good way.

Best Used for: The Dual Layer neck tube is best for cold days on the mountain with some windchill.  Most of the materials on the neck tube are a stretch spandix with a dry-tx mesh lining, to help with wicking moisture and breathability. It’s best for cold days but also light enough to wear on sunny days when you forgot sunscreen or need to stay covered up.

Fit: Basically you just pull the Dual Layer neck tube over your head and it stays around your neck/face all day. A little snug over the head when I put it on but good tightness around the face that kept the mask easy to stay up and on all day. If I wanted breathing room, I’d pull it down and breathe normally.

Durability: The dual layer got ridden during a good variety of cold, powder and sunny days this year.  I always forget sunscreen so it was easier to go out with the mask and not worry. It’s still holding up in great shape, no major wear and tear on the mask.  The only thing that I noticed over a period of time is the mask needs a material that makes it smell better.  It’s the only mask I’ve noticed that smells after being on the slopes and needs to be washed throughout the winter.

Thoughts: I like the individuality of the mask and the varying conditions it could be ridden in.  It made it through this past winter at Mammoth with a ton of powder, cold days and also was rideable through the warm days in June/July. It’s not a heavy mask, pretty lightweight and the material seems fine for breathability.  My only gripe was noticeably needing to wash the mask because for some reason it kept smells contained in the material. But the smells did come out after washing them so nothing permanent.

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On-Snow Photo

NXTZ Dual Layer Neck Tube Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by NXTZ.

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