Review: Remind Insoles

27 Oct, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Remind insoles offer the cush version meant for those hard days on the mountain and keeping your feet comfortable on the slopes, in the air and on the landings when you want more cushion for you feet.

Appearance: There are definitely other options that I love the designs more but the blue cush is a good signature look from Remind. Once in my boot, I didn’t think twice about them so design isn’t everything.

Fit: I wear a size 8 snowboard boot and the 8-8.5 insole size is a perfect fit into my snowboard boot.  There was no trimming or adjustment to make it work.

Features: Remind insoles feature a thermo-forming top cover, self-forming arch support, gel padded heel seat and viscoelastic gel in their snowboard insoles. The big feature is the price, less than $30 and you have benefits that come with a custom orthotic one. Definitely the padding is a good feature but I like the gel in the heel which I finally got to test outside of the snowboard boots. In early September I got a bruised heel from playing in shoes with no padding, I put these insoles into my shoes so I had even more padding and something to cushion the heel better…and it did the job making my foot feel a lot better.

Durability: I’ve put in the majority of the season on the Remind Insoles, probably over 75 days on them. Definitely looking at them now you can see how they’ve shaped to my feet but still are intact.  The padding is still good but starting to wear in spots more noticeably. The overall durability is in great shape, no glue issues and only smell like 75 days.

Thoughts: For most of last season I had the Remind Insoles cush version in my Vans Veil snowboard boots. It didn’t require any cutting down or fitting to get them in my boots, I just took out the original insoles and slipped in the Remind Insoles. The cush insoles are built for snowboarding with enough support and good cushioning with the heel gel.

Over the period of the winter, I never thought twice about them after inserting them which means they are doing their job. They are comfortable with good arch support and have molded to my feet over the season. I know they did their job because when I switched from snowboard boots back to running shoes this summer, the padding in the running shoes wasn’t what I was used to and started causing issues with my feet that eventually led to an injury.

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Remind Insoles

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Review Disclosure: I received these insoles from Remind.

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