Snow in Mammoth!

05 Oct, 2011

Yesterday the mountain received a fresh dusting of white and kept up cold temperatures for most of the day.  Today I woke up to a blanket of white and headed outside to walk the dog in a snowy wonderland.  It’s pretty amazing to think that less than 3 months ago we were open for riding and now we’re getting back into winter-mode.  It was also a wake-up call to figure out where I packed my winter jackets and a realization I need to buy new snow boots for this winter.

Here’s some shots from this morning, playing in the snow with my dog!

The snow in town was pretty wet heavy slush this morning.  It’ll be interesting to see how the snow changes when I head up to the base of Main Lodge today.

Evening Update!  Throughout the day, it kept snowing at Main Lodge and kept stacking up.  The total amount when I left work was 15 inches, crazy huh!  The mountain isn’t 100% white but this cold spell definitely allowed for some coverage in spots and turned the mountain from brown to white pretty quickly.

Looking up at the mountain after work

There’s something about driving home with snow lined trees…gets me everytime to fall in love with winter

On the way home I stopped by The Village to purchase my sorels for this winter, Dave McCoy was covered in snow definitely ready for the slopes to be covered up.

The snow hasn’t finished.  Mammoth Mountain from town with a storm starting to cover it up.

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  1. Frank
    October 05, 2011

    wow amazing the weather over there… It is fast winter 😉
    New Veil boots again? 😉

  2. Elias
    October 05, 2011

    Winter is coming~~~ Finally~!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for soooo long~~~ So when will mammoth open up again for winter sports this year?

  3. October 05, 2011

    Frank, hoping so!

    Elias, scheduled date is November 10. After this storm, it’s supposed to warm up so we’ll see if there’s another storm after it. It’d be cool to open early but no guarantees.

  4. Jess
    October 06, 2011

    So jealous! My season ended the beginning of March and won’t start up again until the very end of November (if I’m lucky) or the beginning of December! Can’t wait much longer!!!!