Snowboard Review: 11-12 Venture Storm Splitboard

16 Oct, 2011

Location: Mammoth, CA

Snow Conditions: Mixture of slushy snow to leftover soft snow to hardpacked conditions.

Setup: I rode the Venture Storm splitboard with Spark R&D Blaze bindings and Vans Veil Boots size 8.

Size: 156cm.

First Impression: A good trek on the way up, even better on the way down the mountain.

Weight: Average

Ease of Use: Setting up the splitboard was pretty easy with the Voile mounting system and Spark R&D Blaze bindings. I took everything out, made sure my stance and angles were appropriate, then got everything dialed on the splitboard. To prepare for skinning first, I set up the board as skis, put on the skins (hardest part is peeling them apart) and prepared to ascend the mountain. When I reached the spot I wanted to ride down, I removed the bindings from the skis by removing the slider pins, put the skis on the ground to make the board, connected it and interlocked the board together, then slid the bindings back on and put the pins in.  Also removed the skins from the base since you don’t want those on the ride down.

Flex: The Storm splitboard is meant to be on the stiffer end but I actually didn’t think it was that stiff. The nose was softer and more forgiving, between the bindings a bit stiffer flex that kept on towards the tail of the board. What I noticed most of all was the torsional flex was softer, very easy to get response and also noticeable because the board isn’t hole from edge to edge. Overall it felt more all mountain freestyle than freeride flex but it could have been the conditions weren’t up to par for the board.

Turning: Very quick edge to edge on this board and a very consistent carving radius on the board.  Short turns felt just as comfortable as the longer radius turns, both were smooth and the board gripped the snow conditions. It was a very comfortable board to ride, no surprises and definitely a board I’d take into the backcountry.

Stable: The Storm offered up good stability on the mountain. It took some adjustment to get used to the torsional flex on the board because since it isn’t connected, you feel that disconnect a bit while riding. It did great riding in some cruddy/choppy conditions.

Switch: I did not bother riding this splitboard switch on the mountain.

Overall Impression: The Venture Storm is their freeride/powder board that is designed to tackle everything the mountain throws at it.  I rode the splitboard version of the board which meant I got to skin up the mountain and ride down on the board.  The Storm was easy to control as a splitboard, easier to ride than expecting and handled the crud of the spring mountain conditions (I was riding a closed portion of the mountain).

Shay’s Honesty Box: I received this board pretty late in the season and rode it in late April/early May inbounds at Mammoth Mountain.  It definitely wasn’t the powder conditions I was hoping for but it was a mix of conditions from spring slush to leftover snow to good hardpacked groomers.  It’s described as a freeride/pow deck so it can handle the crud you throw at it but definitely I thought it was a bit more forgiving and easier to ride.  My only gripe was having to return the splitboard…it was a sad day but summer hit and I had to.

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Review Disclosure: I received this board to demo from Venture Snowboards and returned it to Venture Snowboards after reviewing it.



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