Boreal 11/11/11

11 Nov, 2011

As I made my way up to Northern California to visit family, a stop at Boreal was the most logical choice for a detour. They opened in October for the season but I missed opening weekend since I was in San Francisco. Today it was an easy stop off the highway for a couple park laps with Dan since we both were in North Lake Tahoe for the day. A huge thanks to Jon in marketing for the passes for the day.

To those not familiar with Boreal, it’s ideal for those who love park and jibbing. For today’s riding, they had three chairlifts open and two chairlifts were for park laps. It was a good mix of small to intermediate features on the mountain. Of course we forgot that it was a holiday and day off for many people so the parking lot was getting full when we arrived.

It was a busy day on the slopes and even crazier how many people really sent it without thinking twice. For the top to bottom run, it meant avoiding the sitting ducks on the slopes and in the park, always keeping an eye out for anyone out of control. Definitely gonna head back to Boreal for a less busy day on the slopes.

Myself and Dan on the lift

The start of the season means getting back on new gear to review this year. I’m starting the season off with smaller companies to review. Right now I’m on the Zion Wonk in the 152cm and today’s riding was a great test for the park laps and getting the hang of it.

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  1. Jacob
    November 12, 2011

    Yay! you are riding the Wonk!

  2. November 12, 2011

    Yeah shay! That wonk looks great! Thanks for taking time to review it!