Boreal 11/26/11

26 Nov, 2011

I had spent Thanksgiving in Mammoth but an invite to Tahoe for the weekend was hard to turn down. We headed up on Friday night after a day of rest to visit the Tahoe family house and hang out with my brother’s extended family. Thanks to Jon at Boreal we were all able to spend today on the slopes skiing (while I rode) together.

Boreal’s been building up the park more and more each visit, they now have top to bottom runs but also a smaller park and a bigger park. I started off in the small park, trying out the Arbor Poparazzi on the small boxes and then trying some features in the bigger park.

The best part of the day was the warmth and sunshine on the mountain, easy laps through and some wait time for the lifts. Regardless it was less busy than I expected and a good way to spend a couple hours on the slopes.

The skier on the down-flat-down rail in the bigger park. He was my model for the day.

Thanksgiving Weekend – No matter where you go, it’s busy!

My brother came out for the afternoon of shredding and caught some air on the upper part of the mountain.

Tomorrow the plan is to head to Northstar on the way out of town back to Mammoth.

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