Gearing up for the Season: Oakley

21 Nov, 2011

Typically I wear one set of outerwear each year but this season, I’m able to try out multiple brands on the slopes. After meeting with Oakley at SIA last season, I got in touch with them to see about goggles and ended up with a whole kit from head to toe for the season. I really liked the Oakley Pro Rider Series and the ease of an outfit designed together so I found my tastes were similar to Eero’s setup. For eyewear, I only knew I wanted to try the Airbreak goggles after a reader requested them and ended up with Shaun’s style for the eyewear. The combination is interesting but it’s always fun trying both out on the mountain and getting them ready for future reviews.

Oakley Airbreak Goggles (seen on top)

New this year is the Airbreak goggle, making it easier to switch lenses so you adapt to the varying conditions with good vision. I received the Airbreak goggle in the Shaun White signature series design, same thing with a name and new graphic on it. It comes with two lenses so you have an assortment ready for mountain conditions and never have to worry about being blind on the mountain.

Oakley Lava Jacket (seen on right)

Eero Ettala has good taste, well he has similar taste to my own. For the first time in years, I wanted to buy a white jacket because of the functionality and design given to it. I eyed up the outerwear at SIA and when I had the chance, easily picked out the Lava jacket from the Riders Pro Collection. It has thinsulate but isn’t bulky, it’s pretty lightweight and offers a longer fit with 15k/15k wateproofing/breathability for the mountain. Magnets hold the jacket closed, adjustable cuffs, wrist gaiters and a storm skirt. There are a ton of pockets.

Oakley Lava Pant (seen on left)

I had already liked the Lava jacket so getting the lava pant was just a perk. The matching color of the pants goes with the jackets buttons. It features a loose fit with 15k/15k breathability/waterproofing – the same as the jacket. Plus it features my favorite design element, cargo pockets for cameras and all the other stuff you need on the slopes.

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  1. Diego Peixoto
    November 21, 2011

    Yes! I saw your goggles and i was like.. Wow those are kool!

    Well anyway, both my wife and i are rocking oakley gear this season. She’s actually wearing a full outfit from jacket to pants to goggles. I think you saw her outfit on Instagram btw.. haha 😉

    Me on the other hand just got some pants from them which i loved!!! Ive been a huge oakley supporter for a long long time and absolutely love their stuff. The Fari pants which is part of their Riders Pro collection as well… Those pants are super comfortable with PLENTY of pockets and ventilation. The thickness of the pants provide for some good body temp control while being light enough to keep a lot of mobility. Im also rocking some 2011 DK Crowbar goggles. I love those goggles and can’t wait to use them next weekend when i get out there.

  2. November 21, 2011

    Diego, Thanks! Yeah pretty amped on them so far, gotta start testing the lens switching.

    Love your wife’s outfit, think I liked it on instagram!

    Sweet on loving Oakley gear, definitely happy to be trying them out this winter.