Gearing up for the season: Snow Boots!

08 Nov, 2011

When you live in the mountains, dealing with snow becomes everyday life. Often before the plows or shovels come out, you are wading around in deep snow to get to your vehicle, to get to work and to get around town. When I first moved to the mountains years ago, I bought a pair of Sorels that withstood the deep stuff and kept my feet warm. This year, it was time to upgrade my boots so I donated the old ones and got two new pairs of snow boots to make this winter warmer and easier.

Sorel Women’s Tofino Canvas (seen on left)

I picked up this boots during the first storm of the year in October from McCoy Sports in Mammoth Lakes with my employee discount. I wanted to replace my old Sorels with a new updated look and went for the fun bright canvas color in red/black. Per my co-workers, I bought the snug size after being told they would pack out. Since then I’ve been wearing them around town, breaking them in with slightly thin socks.  These will be my main snow boots to get to the mountain, dig my truck out this winter and keep me warm and waterproof during the season.

Columbia Women’s Powder Down Boots (seen on right)

I had thought my Sorels would be enough for the winter but my co-worker Katy got these boots in a different color and talked about the ease of putting them on without having to lace up (like Sorels) or break them in for fit. I went, tried them on in a different color and ended up getting them for my easy access boot with a discount and gift card I had. They are my warm boot for small amounts of snow, easy to put on for those walks to the laundry area or quick trips to the grocery store. I like the colors and they have the omni heat so it’ll be fun to try them out this winter.

What snow boots are your rocking this winter? Do you have a favorite pair of boots that get you around in the deep snow?

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  1. November 10, 2011

    Love the look of the new Sorels. Seem like a great boot to put on after getting out of your snowboard boots.