Goggle Review: Bollé Simmer

05 Nov, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Bolle Simmer is designed to fit small to medium face in a compact design with distortion free vision.

Location: I rode these goggles in the early season at Mammoth Mountain.

Conditions: The early season conditions were a lot of stormy days with overcast skies, crappy flatlight and a couple rare bluebird moments.

Color: I received these goggles in the purple flower frame and to be honest, it’s too feminine for my tastes. I wore it to review it but definitely the flowery/girly look is not my style so I didn’t wear it beyond trying it out. There are other frame options that are more ideal in my opinion and I especially like the bright blue option they have for this year.

Lens: I rode the Aurora lens. These lenses are good for a mix of cloudy conditions where you need more depth perception. I took them out on a couple overcast/cloudy days at Mammoth and then sunny days where the slight mirrored helped but it’s definitely meant for not as much sun/more clouds. On the cloudy days it was good for visibility, allowing me to see the ranging snow conditions as I was riding them.

Fit: These goggles offer a small frame fit for women. The range of vision from top to bottom is smaller than other women’s frames but there’s still okay peripheral side to side vision. It is a much smaller frame so if you want that, this is a good option.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore these goggles under my Sandbox helmet and they were fine. The strap can extend long enough to go around the top of the helmet but I liked the look of them underneath the helmet.

Visibility: Better than you would think on the peripheral vision since it wraps around your face but it could be better, there’s still more vision you could be seeing. The vision from top to bottom is smaller than usual. It’s a small frame so you’ll get less visibility than a wider peripheral frame.

Features: The Bolle Simmer goggles feature a small to medium frame with a ton of tech in their compact design. They have a triple layer face foam so you have a comfy fit with no gaps, it has a spherical lens shape that mirrors your eye’s natural curvature for distortion free optics, the articulating strap hinge helps provide great fit with or without a helmet. The goggle is designed with flow tech venting to reduce fogging and improve airflow throughout the goggle and a equalizer vent to eliminate any moisture. At first the vent was noticeable when I wore the goggle but eventually you stop noticing it. The face foam is really comfortable and definitely helped create better fit around the nose for me.

Durability: I rode these goggles in the early season at Mammoth but they didn’t get as many days as some other goggles because of the smaller frame and style. However after the riding I did put in them, they still look brand new and barely used.

Thoughts: The Simmer goggle is ideal for those looking for a small to medium frame with a good assortment of features. It offers a comfortable fit with the face foam, decent visibility on the mountain (pretty much the basics) and in an assortment of frame options. The Aurora lens is good for the variety of snow conditions on the mountain especially those on cloudy to overcast days.

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On-snow photos
Bolle Simmer Goggle Description

Review Disclosure: I received this goggle from Bolle.

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