Help the hottest brands get to ISPO!

13 Nov, 2011

Getting to the ISPO Tradeshow is a pretty big deal for small brands and each year, the ISPO does a brand new award for the hottest brands in the industry. This year a couple familiar faces are in the running and need your vote to make sure they have a chance to show at ISPO in Munich.

To vote, click on the image or head to and find the brands below, hit the like button and cast your vote!


Remind Insoles

“Remind Insoles is the result of 25 years of Riders passion for skateboarding and snowboarding and 30 years experience from a biomedical PhD and Bio mechanical engineer. This collaboration of love and experience brings forth the best quality orthotic insoles on the market.”  If you click like on the contest for Remind, make sure you leave a comment here and you’ll be entered to win a full year sponsorship of Remind Insoles.

Mtn Approach

“Do you want to get out into the back country but worry about breaking the bank on a new splitboard setup? Now you can quite literally have the best of both worlds; the absolute best hiking/climbing system in existence at an affordable price AND you can ride whatever board you choose on that day.”

Homeschool Snowboarding

“Homeschool Snowboarding is an outerwear brand built on the cornerstones of breathability, durability and timelessness or as we like to say it is “clean and mean”. Our apparel is designed for the Northwest, knowing if it works here, it will work anywhere. We concentrate on what matters, function over fashion.”

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