Mammoth 11/15/11

16 Nov, 2011

We opened last Thursday for the season but I was gone for an extended weekend so didn’t get to ride Mammoth till today. Conditions were hardpacked still early season snow with bluebird skies. There weren’t too many people on the slopes so each run you pretty much went right up to the gates. I headed out with my co-worker Lauren for a much needed ride break.

New season and new gear! Over the summer, someone requested the Oakley airbreak goggles and I made sure to get them for this winter. Today was day one of trying them out. I was actually surprised to see how well they fit with my Smith helmet.

Before I got my iPhone I was keeping tabs of what apps to download for snowboarding and alpine replay came up. It basically uses your phone to track your stats on the mountain. I started using it for the last two runs of the day to get an idea of my vertical, speed and tons of other cool stuff.

Lauren all smiles carving down Chair 3

One of the new improvements at Mammoth this year was RFID gates. I’ve used them before and it’s pretty easy to get through and onto the chairlift. I do worry about my pass though, now keeping it more protected so the RFID continues to work.

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  1. Elias
    November 18, 2011

    Your new Oakley goggles are cool~~~ what apps is that you are using? Wonder if they got one for Android, too. Have fun~!!!!