Mammoth 11/22/11

22 Nov, 2011

The Thanksgiving Holidays mean the town and mountain start to pick up for the weekend so I wanted to get out before the mountain started getting crowded. It was the perfect break on Tuesday, winds had died down and the sun was out for bluebird laps. I met up with Dan and Liz for a couple laps before joining up with my co-workers for a couple more.

Dan and myself – same style this year

We headed straight up the gondola for my first gondola ride of the season. We had heard the top was icy but figured we could try it out and really see what it was like.

Dan spraying up the fences

Liz is working on progressing her riding so it was her first time riding from the top. It was mogully but soft in spots and icy in some other spots. I sideslipped the first steep portion so she would have an easier time sideslipping until she was comfortable.

Dan shot this photo of me riding down with the gondola in the background

Liz on a more comfortable run for her. It’ll be awesome to see how fast she progresses the more she rides this winter.

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